Day 4 - Year 6 Ingestre Hall

Day 4 

We have had a wonderful last day at Ingestre today. 

We started the day with breakfast together and then broke off into our groups to rehearse and finish off our work before the second showcase of the week. The children really enjoyed sharing their final pieces of art and their…

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Day 3 - Year 6 Ingestre Hall

Day 3 

Today, we have had a great day so far starting with breakfast together and then breaking off into our groups to complete our art and drama. 

The art group showcased their work based on "The Boy in the striped pyjamas" - water colour portraits formed on brusho background with some wire…

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Day 2 - Ingestre Hall

Hi Everyone, 

Today, we have had a brilliant first full day here at Ingestre. We began with a breakfast of cereal and toast and were all full up and ready to take on the day. We carried on in our groups from the day before, either with art or drama. 


In drama, children have been…

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Year 6 Residential - Ingestre Hall

Hi Everybody, 

Year 6 have arrived safely at Ingestre Hall today and have had a brilliant first day! 

We arrived at just after 10 this morning, making great time and arriving slightly earlier than expected! When we first arrived, children were introduced to the staff at Ingestre and…

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Edgmond Update 2019 - Day 3 and 4

Hello from Edgmond!


Day 3 

We've thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 days here and the sun has started to shine! Yesterday, we enjoyed a jam-packed day of fun activities, which tested our archery and communication skills. For most of our children, it was the first time that some of us…

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Edgmond 2019 Update Day 1 and 2

Day 1 - Monday 23rd September 

What a fabulous first day we have had here at Edgmond Hall! We have all unpacked and have explored the grounds before a lovely lunch. During the afternoon, we tested our team skills with team building activities followed by fish/vegetarian fingers and…

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Plas Gwynant : Day 3

Hi Everyone, 

We have had another great day here! 

Miss Cotterill's group have been abseiling today. We learnt lots of new skills and became much more confident every time. We even tried some competitive races just before we finished to practise what we had learnt and try and increase our…

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Plas Gwynant: Day 2

Another great day here in Plas Gwynant! 

Our day started around 7:00, when we woke up and got ready to do our morning chores. We did a fantastic job and Dan (our leader for the first night) commented on how we had been one of the best schools to complete them. We were very quick and completed…

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Plas Gwynant : Day 1

Hello Everyone, 


Currently, we are enjoying a hot chocolate after the first day of our Plas Gwynant adventure! We arrived here a little later than expected due to being behind a propeller from a wind turbine! It did delay us slightly however, it was really interesting to see how they large…

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This is a brief summary of our week at Edgmond Hall. Due to the weak signal we are unable to post photos until we return. All the children are well and enjoying their time away.

Day 1

We arrived on time and firstly unpacked our bags. We then made our beds and found our bearings around…

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Edgmond Hall 2016

Finally up and running

Dear parents, we are finally up and running as we now have wifi!! Yay! frownfrown

However, please be aware of the fact that we are still having great difficulty in remaining online and will not be able to post as often as we'd like. Please continue to check back…

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Edgmond Hall 2015

Hi all,

We have just completed our first full day at Edgmond and we are loving every minute. We have settled in well and started our program successfully.


We arrived at Edgmond Hall where we were greeted by all of the friendly staff. We were shown where to keep all of our things…

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