Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 4/5

Image of Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 4/5

Our penultimate day...

Thursday was another fantastic day at Edgmond Hall and in the morning children rotated again and did the activity/ animal feeding they had not yet done that week. (See previous blogs) 

After lunch, we made memory rockets where children reflected on the activities they…

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Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 3

Image of Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 3

Wednesday was another successful day at Edgmond Hall, and we were very lucky to avoid most of the storm, only having a sprinkling of rain! 


After a sleepy start (boys seem to be far better at getting up and ready in the morning than some of the girls), we had breakfast which was cereal,…

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Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 2

Image of Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 2

Last night was our first night at Edgmond Hall, and it is safe to say, once all was asleep, children slept like babies. We were up at 7.30am, a lie I for some, and once we had brushed our teeth, got dressed and made our beds, we headed down stairs to statt rewards for best beds, set up the tables…

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Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 1

Image of Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 1

After a swift and enjoyable coach journey, we arrived at Edgmond Hall. On arrival, we were introduced to the Edgmond Hall staff and had a tour of the site. After a fire, health and safety talk, we packed our rucksack so all the essential items we needed for our activities were ready in our…

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Plas Day Four

Image of Plas Day Four

Our last full day at Plas! The good news is we have all survived and are all in one piece! The bad news is that we have to leave and return home tomorrow.

Today was an early start; however the sun was rising beautifully. We had our breakfast, chose our evening meal and met with our team leader…

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Plas - Day Three

Image of Plas - Day Three

Day Three


We would like to start by saying Eid Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating! 


Today, we woke up early this morning ready to get going with our day! We began the day by completing our jobs and enjoying a big breakfast before we went out to do our activities. Once again, we…

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Plas - Day Two

Image of Plas - Day Two

Day Two 

Today, we woke up bright and early and started to complete our jobs. For breakfast, we had beans on toast, hash browns and cereal. After breakfast, we made our lunches. There are lots of sandwich fillings to choose from, crisps, fruit and biscuits/cakes. We all had a great sleep and…

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Plas Gwynant - Day One

Image of Plas Gwynant - Day One

Day One...


We are already officially settled in to our new home for the week! We arrived at Plas at around 1:30 PM. On the way, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and views in Wales. When we arrived, we made our beds and started to unpack in our rooms. This afternoon we had a tour of the…

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Ingestre Day 5

Image of Ingestre Day 5

We can't believe it is our last day at Ingestre Hall! The hall looks beautiful in the snowy weather (which is now quickly beginning to melt) and the children have had an absolutely wonderful week.

Yesterday afternoon, as well as their expressive arts workshops some children chose to explore in…

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Ingestre Day 4

Image of Ingestre Day 4

Despite the snowy weather, children are continuing to love their visit to Ingestre hall!

Our activities have continued as planned and the children have been making great progress in their projects in either Music, Drama, Dance or Art . All the children have shown really good focus and effort in…

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Ingestre Day 3

Image of Ingestre Day 3

The children have been enjoying day 3 of their residential trip to Ingestre Hall!

This morning, the children shared their exhibition in Art and performances in Drama, Music and Dance, which they had been working on since Monday afternoon. The creative performances were absolutely outstanding,…

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Ingestre Day 1 and 2

Image of Ingestre Day 1 and 2

We have had a wonderful first couple of days at Ingestre Hall!

The children have settled in, spent a day and a half on their first art form (music, art, drama or dance) and are excited to show their work to each other tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

We enjoyed a nature walk and scavenger hunt…

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