Last night was our first night at Edgmond Hall, and it is safe to say, once all was asleep, children slept like babies. We were up at 7.30am, a lie I for some, and once we had brushed our teeth, got dressed and made our beds, we headed down stairs to statt rewards for best beds, set up the tables and of course, eat breakfast. This morning, we started with cereal and then had yummy beans and toast, as well as some juice, milk or water depending on what children could have. Once we had given out team points for best beds, we awarded two stars of the previous day who had really gone above and beyond. Well done to Aaryan for being Mr Outdoors, mastering stick collector and encourager to all, we were really impressed. Also, well done to Isabelle for showing superb resilience and getting stuck in with everything.

We then split into three groups. Mrs Hunt's group first went to meet Edgmond Hall's two pigmy goats, Tinsle and Holly, and fed them leaves and a mixture of grains and seed. Children loved this and everyone had a go, there were definitely some sloppy hands afterwards! Once finished, they headed off to the orchard to pick apples ready to pressed into juice. After picking lots of apples, we sorted, cleaned and sliced them into smaller pieces to put in the presser and be crushed. After a while, juice started seeping out of the presser and began to fill up the bottle. It tasted so delicious! Children then finished the process by designing advertising labels for their juice bottle.

Mrs Overthrow's group got to go and feed Edgmond's guinae pigs, Twix, Malteaser and Mars. They were so cute and loved munching on the fresh grass. Following this, they went to a remote part of the land to learn the skill of Archery. Children had a safety demonstration and were supported to aim their arrow at the target. We had a few bulls eye shots, from both children and staff! Everyone had a great time and shown excellent form when holding their bow and arrow, we were very impressed.

Mr Ahearn's also got to feed animals, but they went and visited Edgmond Hall's chicken, called Bubble. Bubble loved being fed the grain and grass and the children waited patiently while Bubble made her way around them to peck and eat her breakfast. She even let the children give her a little stroke. Afterwards, we got in the time machine (minibus) and headed back in time to Lilleshall Abbey (ruins of an Abbey from the 12th century). We were amazed by the ruins and got to explore all the various rooms and corners. While there, we emerged ourselves by dressing up as monks and listening to monks singing their prayers. It was so peaceful. Children learned all about the history of the building, how it was used by monks and how it had had multiple purposes during its long life.

We were all ready for lunch after a jam-packed morning. We had our packed lunch we had ordered the night before and delicious flapjack and had some free time.

After lunch, it was time for team building which involved a range of activities that children had to complete in groups that depended on co-operation, consideration and perseverance. While most teams worked superbly together towards the end goal, a couple of groups did need some promting but got there in end!

Dinner was scrumptious bangers, mash and peas and a warm jam sponge cake for dessert. We finished the evening with a nature art activity which involved children gathering bits and bobs to create a collage with. The aim was to find Autumnal colours, and varied from pinecones to leaves to berries. They were very creative.

After a quick bit of play I the dark with torches, we had our supper which was hot chocolate and a homemade biscuit and then began the first night of showers. This all went of without a hitch, and once showered and in PJs, children watched a film and went to bed.

Yet a other wonderful day at Edgmond Hall, let's see what tomorrow's adventures bring, fingers crossed for as little rain as possible tomorrow, as we have had wonderful weather so far. 


Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 2