After a swift and enjoyable coach journey, we arrived at Edgmond Hall. On arrival, we were introduced to the Edgmond Hall staff and had a tour of the site. After a fire, health and safety talk, we packed our rucksack so all the essential items we needed for our activities were ready in our lockers. 


At lunch, we ate our lunch outside and enjoyed the nice weather… while it lasts. Once we were fed, we got to explore the grounds and have some free time, some children played football, some played on the outdoor equipment, some used the climbing wall while others made a pine cone palace!


Our first team activity was orienteering where we explored a birds eye view map of the Edgmond Hall site to find the clues dotted around. However, first, we had to scratch up our map reading skills, using a compass to place the map the right way around and learn what all the different symbols on a map represents. Children got into pairs to complete the activity and it quickly became a competition to see who could finish first. Any pairs that were successful got challenged with a further map. Huge well done to Henry and James who managed to complete the challenge …and four additional maps in a speedy time!


Afterwards, we explored where we would be sleeping, made our beds and unpacked. We then had dinner which was a yummy vegetable curry with rice and naan and delicious fruit salad and ice cream for desert!


Once our tummies were full, we ventured into the forest to gather twigs and logs for our campfire later in the week. As it got darker, we walked through the forest, torches in hand and even made a wish at the ancient wishing tree. (Children knew this was legit because others had had their wishes come true when they came last year!)


After some playtime in the dark with our torches, we had supper (hot chocolate and a biscuit) and then got ready for bed. 


A huge well done to Table 5 who won best table at dinner AND won the most table points for their team throughout the day. (Anand, Sehaj, Sonam, Dylan, Henry and Owen). 


While our bed time was slightly later than planned, children were ready for a rest and excited for the day ahead tomorrow. 


What a wonderful first day we had at Edgmond Hall! 


Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 1