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27 January 2022

Ingestre Hall 22 - Day 3

Day 3  Another fantastic day here at Ingestre! Today, was our sharing day, where we shared all of the work we had done within our first art form. Everyone had worked so hard to produce their pieces and it was great to hear others sharing about how and why they had created their pieces the...

26 January 2022

Ingestre Hall 22 - Day 2

Day 2  We have had another wonderful day here at Ingestre. We enjoyed our first breakfast of cereal, toast, jams and juices after a good night sleep. Everyone settled in well for their first night here.  In the morning, we began to focus on our performances ready for Wednesday to ...

25 January 2022

Ingestre Hall 22 - Day 1

Day 1  We have a had a fantastic first day of residential today at Ingestre Hall. We arrived at Ingestre at around 10:30 am and started by meeting out tutors for the week! When we arrived, we explored the house and found out lots about the history of the building and it's brilliant fe...

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