Wednesday was another successful day at Edgmond Hall, and we were very lucky to avoid most of the storm, only having a sprinkling of rain! 


After a sleepy start (boys seem to be far better at getting up and ready in the morning than some of the girls), we had breakfast which was cereal, toast and brioche. We then rotated and fed the animals that we havn't fed yet. A huge well done to Owen who won the star of the day for having a super attitude and showing excellent resilience and to Diya for being an absolute delight, getting stuck in everything and being really generous offering her snacks to other children who didn't have any. 

In the morning, we split into our groups again, Mrs Hunt's group visited the Abbey, Mrs Overthrow's group did apple pressing and Mr Ahearn's group did Archery and fire lighting. See yesterday's blog for more info on these activities.

In the afternoon, we ventured into the forest and learned how to build shelters. It quickly turned into a competition where children were split into table groups and were tasked to see who could make the most waterproof and durable shelter. The children had lots of fun getting their hands dirty and some getting a little bit wet when the 'rain' came. 


After dinner, (which was pasta and a delicious sauce with garlic bread - almost all children had seconds it was that yummy!) We went back into the forest for our camp fire experience. We really enjoyed sitting around the fire with our snack and singing some great songs. Children  really enjoyed themselves and finished the evening with some torch play in the dark. 


Before bed, we had supper which was hot chocolate and a biscuit. Children had an excellent night and were all sleeping lions, which means staff feel well slept and refreshed too! 


Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 3