Our penultimate day...

Thursday was another fantastic day at Edgmond Hall and in the morning children rotated again and did the activity/ animal feeding they had not yet done that week. (See previous blogs) 

After lunch, we made memory rockets where children reflected on the activities they had done throughout the week and drew pictures and wrote phrases to describe what they have enjoyed the most. As a team, they placed things on the memory rocket and then the rockets were fired into the air in the courtyard. Well done to table 5 who's rocket went the highest!

Once we had had dinner (roast dinner), we went to the Edgmond Hall shop, spent some monies and then we went upstairs to pack and shower ready for the next day. 

A huge well done to our stars of the day for Wednesday which was Aria and Karam. These two have been just amazing, getting involved in everything and being so enthusiastic. On Friday morning, we chose stars for Thursday, these went to Sonam and William who throughout the week have been absolutely superb, they have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, put there all into everything they did and demonstrated all of our core values. Well done! 

On Friday morning, we did activities however, one sense was taken away from us... our sight. We did 'blind' games and a blind line where children had to be directed around an obstacle course on the woods while wearing blindfolds. This was a fantastic last activity of the week and involved communication, teamwork and lots of laughs. We apologise in advance if children come home with muddy knees, but please let it be proof that even up untill the last moment, children had so much fun while also learning so much about the environment, outdoors, themselves and others. 

A huge thank you to Mrs Hunt, Mrs Overthrow and the Edgmond Hall staff who joined us, while it was certainly tiring for all, the experience has been, as it is always is, a magical one for the children.


Mr Ahearn 


Edgmond Hall 2023 - Day 4