Day Three!

Day Three started well with breakfast. We had a variety of cereal and then a cooked breakfast consisting of hash browns, beans and toast.

Miss Tudor’s group spent the day on a mountain hike. We walked up Crimpiou and made it to the top which was a 470m ascend! We ate our lunch half way up and then scrambled to the summit. We then took a slow stroll back and gave names to all of the sheep we saw along the way. Shannon and Shaun were our favourite. On our way up, we even had a sheep obstruct the route!

Both Mrs Pickett and Mrs Harper’s group went to the Borth y Gest beach. We played in the sand dunes, played on the rocks, looked at jelly fish and participated in a range of team games. We had lunch on the beach and it was a beautiful day for it. The sea and sky were blue! After lunch, we headed to Afon Goch. We had a challenging climb but we were resilient and made it to the top. At the end, we jumped in the lake to cool off and headed back to Plas.

Miss Cotterill’s group went on the Beddgelert walk along the river. We walked along the rapids and through the woods, learning all about the legend of Gelert. We ended our walk at the ice cream shop!

Dinner tonight was bangers, mash and yorkshire puddings and dessert was a delicious brownie with ice cream or fruit. We loved it.

We will be spending the evening orienteering and having some snacks from the shop.

We have had a fabulous day and we have been so lucky that the weather has been amazing!