Day Four!

Day four at Plas has been exciting as it has been our last full day of activities. We started the day by completing our jobs and preparing for breakfast. Once we had done this, we had some free time.

Breakfast was cereal and then hash browns, beans and toast. We then tidied away before meeting with our group leaders to find out what we would be doing today.

Miss Tudor’s group started at the beach. We walked along the path, looking at the sea before heading down to the sand. We played in the sand dunes, rolled down steep sand hills and sat and had lunch on the rocks. This required a lot of protection from a very hungry seagull. We then went and got an ice cream. After this, we headed to the Afon Goch to gorge walk. On the way to the gorge, we skimmed rocks in the lake and saw who could get theirs the furthest. On the walk, our aim was to get soaked. And that we did!

Miss Cotterill’s group also started at the beach. We walked along the sea front and across the rocks. We also did Matrix rock where we had to run up to the top which was very tricky as it was very steep! We aimed to get all of the children at the top of the rock. Some of us struggled to get up however with the help from the team, we made it. We also did a gorge walk and there were some parts we could slide down and land in a small pool. We really enjoyed this part of the day and we were all laughing whilst splashing one another.

Mrs Harper’s group started with bouldering. This was a challenge at first due to how small some of the holes were that we all had to crawl through. However, we all stayed resilient and supported each other with lots of communication whilst playing follow the leader. We then went canoeing. Each canoe was made up of six children and we had to stand up and do a range of tasks, including jumping in! We even had the opportunity to split the canoes and have a go by ourselves. It was a really fun day. We finished off with an ice cream.

Mrs Pickett’s started with canoeing. We headed to the lake and prepared the canoes which was quite tricky but with determination, we launched successfully. We then went along a windy stream and even got stuck at some points. However, we managed to get back moving and have a successful paddle! In the afternoon, we went bouldering. This was again a challenge as some of the gaps were very small. We had some very determined team mates today and even when they felt as though they could not do it and even got stuck, they stopped, had a moment and tried again successfully.

Our dinner tonight was burgers and chips with angel delight as our dessert. We have had another fabulous day and the weather has stayed on our side. We are now all packed up ready to return tomorrow. The week has past very fast and although we are sad to be leaving, we can’t wait to see you all!