Day Two!

It was an early start here in Plas as some of us were up at 6:45 dressed and ready for the day ahead! We tidied our rooms, got ready and went down for breakfast which was cereal, followed by toast, hash browns and beans.

Once we had finished tidying, we met with our group leaders to find out what activities we would be completing.

Miss Tudor’s group started with boulder climbing. We practised on some small boulders first before venturing up through larger ones! We climbed carefully, helping one another up and through the small gaps and eventually made it to the top before beginning our descent. We worked really well today as a team. We had lunch on the Plas grounds and then our afternoon consisted of canoeing. We really enjoyed paddling to Elephant Rock and jumping in to the lake. Even though some of us were hesitant, we were brave and did it anyway! We then raced the other canoes back to the shore and loaded them up to head back for dinner.

Mrs Pickett’s group spent the day on a mountain walk from Beddgelert. We walked up lots of rocks and up very high. We had to help one another as some parts of the walk were tricky, however we were motivated by the ice cream waiting for us at the end! The weather has been beautiful and the views were great. We spent the whole day walking and laughing with our friends and even explored a Copper Mine. We then headed back to Plas for a game of football before the others returned.

Mrs Harper’s group also spent the day on a mountain walk at Moel y Gest. At the start, it was a flat smooth walk however it got a little bit trickier the higher we got. We ate our lunch sat at the top of a mountain overlooking some spectacular views. We saw some wild animals including a llama! On the way up, we even made our own route with the help of our friends. The walk back down was easier however required a lot more control over our feet!

Miss Cotterill’s group did the same as Miss Tudor’s, however the other way around! We started with the canoeing however our team had to set them all up ready for the day! We had to get them off the trailer, get them into the water and attach them together before paddling to Elephant Rock to jump in. We then came back to Plas to eat our lunch. After, we went scrambling up the boulders. We had to weave in and out and work well as a team to support each other.

Dinner was a meatball pasta loaded with cheese, followed by a delicious traditional sponge cake.

Our evening entertainment tonight was… England vs Slovenia! We opened the shop, got our snacks ready and put it on the big screen!

We really have had a fantastic day. We are all smiling, the sun is out and we are looking forward to tomorrow.