Time to voyage into the Summer Term!


Who has inspired our world?


We hope you have had an exciting and restful break over Easter. Last term, we learnt what a continent is and the different continents that make up our world.

We will be using this knowledge to jet set around the world into different continents, meeting some special and inspirational people along the way and learning just why they were so significant! 



Our Summer Topic Information  


In this term, we will be learning all about a series of inspirational people from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australasia and Oceania. We will begin to develop a chronological understanding, and know where in time these people fit onto our timeline! We will have an understanding of why people did things, and how these impacted on the world and others around them. 

To do all this we will be looking at photographs, stories and different accounts as our evidence! 


Do you know anything about these inspirational people already? 

Have a look at the following people. Have you seen them before? Do you already have any knowledge about these people? You could even start to do a little bit of research before, so you are our own class expert! 

Florence Nightingale - Wikipedia

Who was Florence Nightingale and why was she so significant? 

Mahatma Gandhi - Wikipedia

Who was Mahatma Gandhi and why was he so significant? 

Cleopatra | Ancient egypt art, Egyptian painting, Egypt art 

Who was Cleopatra and why was she so significant? 

Abraham Lincoln - Quotes, Assassination & Height - Biography

Who was Abraham Lincoln and why was he so significant? 

Frida Kahlo: 100 Paintings Analysis, Biography, Quotes, & Art

Who was Freida Kahlo and why was she so significant? 

Steve Irwin, Wildlife Master, Is Killed by a Stingray at 44 - The New York  Times

Who was Steve Irwin and why was he so significant? 

Ready to research? Here are some useful links:       

Continent Facts 

More continent information 

World Famous people! 

Famous British People 

Our Year 2 Timetable 

The timetable below shows when children will need to bring in specific items during the week. It is childrens' responsibility to ensure that they bring the correct equipment and kit on specific days. If any changes are made, parents will be notified via parent pay or via text message. We ask that children bring in their reading records and books daily, so that we are able to read with the children whenever possible. 



Wednesday Weekly homework handed in (maths and English)
Thursday  PE 2D and 2P (full kit needed), Spelling test


Feel good friday! Remember your navy trousers! Weekly homework, reading book changed and spellings uploaded to SharePoint

Remember, all reading books, reading records and spelling lists should be in school every day. 

Keep checking back daily to find new things on our page! 

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