Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

 Get ready to explore the world of mini-beasts!

This half-term the children will be fully emerging themselves into our new topic which is WRIGGLE AND CRAWL. The children will be going on mini-beast hunts on the school grounds to observe the different mini-beasts they can find! We will be converting this data into tally charts and pictograms. In Science, we will also identify different mini-beasts and learn about what they need to survive and how their habitat is suited to them. Life cycles of mini-beasts are a key part of this topic! In English, the children will be writing guidebooks about how to go on a mini-beast hunt, instructions on how to look after mini-beasts, reviews about books and poems about mini-beasts! An interesting part of this topic will be ICT as the children will be making their own presentations about different mini-beasts!

What a busy half term this will be!

Find out more about mini-beasts here!

What do I need to remember?

Monday Maths games handed out. P.E Kit for 2P and 2K - remember your team colour t-shirt. Hair must be tied back  and earrings removed.

Swimming Kit - remember your towel and swimming hat. 

Hand in Maths and English homework.

Bring in reading book to be checked- make sure you have read at least 3 times and it has been signed by an adult (see reading guidance and support below). 


Return reading book for changing. 

Spelling and homework will be given out today (returned Wednesday). 

Spelling and weekly times tables test. 

Reading Tips 

We hope you will aim to read to parents at least 3 times and week and read as much as you can throughout the week (every day if possible). 

Here are some useful tips for parents when they're listening to you read:

Top Marks Reading Parent Tips 

Long Term Overview of topics for Year 2 -2018 - 2019

This year the following topics will be incorporated:

Autumn 1 - Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Autumn 2 - Muck, Mess and Mixture 

Spring 1 - Wiggle and Crawl

Spring 2 - Street Detectives 

Summer - Beachcombers 


Year 2 Documents

Adding just tens and units
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Subtraction tens and units
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Proper noun quiz
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