We hope you have had a wonderful Easter break and are ready for a new term jam-packed with lots of fun and interesting topics.

Here are our wider curriculum topics for this half term:

Geography The River Nile


Get ready to take a journey to Egypt down the River Nile…

In geography, we will jump in a felucca and go on a journey of discovery up and down the River Nile! This topic will teach the children everything they need to know about the River Nile and its impact on Egypt. They will learn to locate the River Nile on a world map and identify the countries it runs through, identify the source and mouth of the river, investigate its main physical and human features, and much more. This will link nicely with our Ancient Egypt History topic in summer 2.

Here is a link to an eBook to learn more information!


Science How do Plants grow?


What do plants need to grow and survive? What is germination? How do Plants reproduce?

In science, we will learn all about the fascinating world of plants! We will identify the functions of different parts of a plant, find out what plants need in order to grow well and explore how plants reproduce all through engaging lessons to enthuse children about plants and transform them into green-fingered gardners!


Art Plant Art