Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to the autumn term in year 1!

This term is a transitional term for the children, slowly moving from an EYFS timetable onto the National Curriculum. Although the children will be introduced to formal learning, there will also be plenty of opportunities for continuous provision (choosing/playing to the children!)

The children will do phonics and mental maths every day, the same as they are used to in reception. They will have two English sessions and two maths sessions across the week with lots of English and maths opportunities in the continuous provision throughout the week. The afternoons in autumn 1 will look like this...
Mondays - History
Tuesdays - DT
Wednesdays - PE and Computing
Thursdays - Science
Fridays - RE and PSHE

All of these sessions will be short 25-30 minute sessions to allow the children lots of opportunities to still choose. Alongside this, one afternoon the children will have a short spelling session with two short handwriting sessions. We will also have a weekly music session.

Please see below to see what a general timetable will look like, this is subject to change due to what else is going on in school each week. 

Y1 Timetable Aut 2

Our topic this half term is all about me. 

In history we will be looking at...
-Ordering events chronologically
-Creating family trees
-Finding out differences between childhood today and life in my grandparents childhood.

In DT we will be...
-Looking at different types of homes and houses
-Designing a house
-Following a design
-Joining and combining shapes to make a house
-Evaluating their house

In PE we will be looking at gymnastics.

In computing we will be looking at...
-Exploring technology
-Grouping and sorting
Online safety runs through all our computing units. 

In science we will be looking at...
-Seasons (we look at this in each term to compare the different seasons)
-Identifying body parts

Instead of PSHE this half term we look at inspirational people including
Rosa Parks
Marie Curie
Neil Armstrong
Ellie Simmons
Julia Donaldson

In English we will continue to embed the basic skills of writing sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will also be moving on to using conjunctions to write longer sentences and using adjectives to add description as well as using a range of punctuation such as a question mark and exclamation mark.

In maths we will be doing addition and subtraction.


Dates to remember this half term
Photos for history lesson 1(please refer to letter) - 9th November
Photos for history lesson 2 (please refer to letter) - 16th November
Photos for history lesson 3 (please refer to letter) - 23rd November
Nativity Performance 13th Dec 2:15
Nativity Performance 14th Dec 9:15
Nativity Performance 15th Dec 9:15


Homework in the autumn term will be set on active learn and maths.co.uk. We will set it on a Friday and you will have a full week to complete it.


Each week, usually on a Monday afternoon the children will do a spelling test. 

Weekly Information: 

Everyday your child will need to bring to school the following...  

  • School bag.
  • Reading book and reading diary.
  • Named water bottle.
  • Lunch box (If having a lunch provided from home).
  • An outdoor coat suitable for all weathers. 


On a Wednesday, year one have P.E. Children must come to school in their PE kit on a Wednesday. Please make sure all jewellery is removed and long hair tied back.

We now swim on Wednesdays too, please ensure all children come to school with a costume/shorts, towel, swimming hat. Please ensure earrings or any other jewellery are removed and long hair is tied back. All children will swim every week.


Friday is whole school Feel Good Friday! Year one also have PE on a Friday. Children will need to come to school in navy tracksuit bottoms or leggings and black non-branded trainers. They will still need to wear their GV polo shirt and jumper. This is so children can take part in activities that focus on their physical health and well being. 


Phonics lessons and activities will be happening in school on a daily basis. The following websites will help reinforce your child's phonic and reading ability. Please speak to any of the Year 1 staff if you would like any further advice. 

Phonics Website

BBC phonics

Saying the sounds

Phonics Play


Useful Websites: 









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