Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

It's Spring 2!

We hope that you have all had a wonderfully exciting and adventurous holiday and are now well rested and ready for the rest of the spring term.

We have lots of exciting things planned for this half term which we are sure you are going to enjoy!

Our Current Topic is – Dinosaur Planet

Stomp, crash, RRRAGH! Watch out everyone – the dinosaurs are on the prowl!

They’re rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing their enormous tails and barring their fearsome teeth…

Let’s explore the Dinosaur Planet! Imagine you’re a palaeontologist (that is a scienctist who studies bones and fossils). Dig deep and discover dazzling dinosaur facts.

Create your own dinosaur museum and invite visitors to see your awesome dinosaur artefacts. You could even do a dinosaur dance or produce some prehistoric percussion!

Which is your favourite dinosaur? The Tyrannosauras rex, the Brachiosaurus or the Micropachycephalosaurus?

What will we learn about this half term?

Our new topic "Dinosaur Planet" will have a history focus. It will kick start with a trip to Land Of The Living Dinosaurs. This half term we will write our own dinosaur riddles, dig for fossils and try and work out which dinosaur they belonged to as well as look at dinosaur teeth and their different body parts. We will create a dinosaur museum for your parents to come and visit showcasing all our work from this half term.

Doyouthinkhesawus? Yes he did… RUN!

What do I need to remember?


1H have reading books handed out. 

Everyone bring return their old books. 

Tuesday 1D have reading books handed out. 

Swimming Kit - remember your towel and swimming hat. Please do not wear earrings and tie hair back. 

Hand in Maths and English homework.


P.E kit - remember your team colour t-shirt. Hair must be tied back  and earrings removed.

Homework will be given out today (returned Wednesday). 

Could you please send in your child’s reading book and reading diary every day as we may have reading opportunities that we need to record in your child’s diaries. They will come back home at the end of each day! All books should be in school everyday as we change the books that day.

Academic Year 2018-19

These are the topics for the academic year 2017-18

Autumn 1 - Splendid Skies

Autumn 2 - The Enchanted Woodlands

Spring 1 - Bright Lights, Big City

Spring 2 - Dinosaur Planet 

Summer - Paws, Claws and Whiskers



The following documents will give you lots of information about the phonics work your child will be covering this year. Please ask any member of the Year 1 staff if you need further advice, help or explanation of the phonics activities given here.

Year 1 Phonics

Phonics Flashcard
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Tricky Words - phase 2-5
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Year 1 Phonics Workshop
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Phonics Website

BBC phonics

Saying the sounds

Phonics Play