Welcome Back Year 4! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and are ready to get stuck into some new learning.


We have lots of exciting things planned for this term including our new geography topic.

Pack your suitcases, don't forget your passports as we will be travelling 5,275 miles away to South America. Insect repellent is a must as we trek through the Amazon and explore what lurks in the depths of the Rainforest. 

Our Key Question will be, Why is South America important to the world?

Each lesson we will be asking ourselves a different question to help us answer it. Have a go at doing some research and see if you can answer them yourselves.

Where is South America and what countries are located here? 

Where is the Amazon rainforest and why is it called the” lungs of the Earth”? 

How is the rainforest layered and who inhabits it? 

What challenges does the Amazon, its tribes and wildlife face? 

What is the impact of deforestation on the local communities of Brazil? 

What is the water cycle and how is deforestation affecting this? 

What goods does South America share with the world and how does Fair Trade support this? 


Check out these cool facts all about South America 


 Our Year 4 Timetable 

The timetable below shows when children will need to bring in specific items during the week. It is childrens' responsibility to ensure that they bring the correct equipment and kit on specific days. If any changes are made, parents will be notified via parent pay or via text message.  

Remember, all reading books, reading records, spelling lists and PE kits should be in school every day. 

Monday PE (Full kit - black shorts, team coloured top, socks, pumps) hair must be tied up and jewellery removed.
Tuesday   Times Table Test (see TTRockstars for current times table)

Weekly homework uploaded onto Office 365

Feel Good Friday (Soft Clothing) 

In June, Year 4 children will be taking part in the National Times Table Test - This is an online test and children are given 6 seconds to answer a range of mixed times table questions, Alongside their weekly homework and reading, we expect year 4 children to practise their times tables (in order, out of order and division facts) on a daily basis up to their 12 times table ready for a weekly test. We will also be checking TTRockstars on a daily basis to monitor progress. 

Keep checking back to find new things on our page!