Welcome to Grove Vale! 

We are very excited to welcome you to school and hope that you are excited to come! 

What to expect in your first few weeks: 

  • Lots of exploring - look around and find out what things you can do in our Sunshine room, Rainbow room, Reading Room and Outdoors. 
  • Lots of new people to meet - there are lots of children joining you in your new school and there are lots of adults there to help you and look after you! 
  • Lots of fun - we hope you will find plenty of things that you will have fun with at school, as this will help you learn lots of new things! 

What your child will need in the first week: 

  • Coat 
  • Water Bottle with name on 
  • Sun hat if the weather is still warm enough! 
  • Spare Clothes Bag  


Half Term Information

Teacher Led Topic this half term: Marvellous Me 

Books/Stories for this topic are:  Funnybones, Elma, Marvelous me, The Large Family, All About Me.

Homework: There will be no homework for your child at the moment while they settle in to school life. 

Things that you can do at home 

  • talk to your child about the things they have done in the day 
  • read stories and talk about what happens in the story 
  • count - steps up to bed, cutlery on the table, sweets - anything that they are playing with. Count forwards to 10 and backwards from 10 (don't forget zero!), then to 20. 
  • look at numbers - on your door, on buses, number plates, on your phone.  
  • let your children draw or paint - they can bring things in from home to show us 
  • make things from junk 

Could we also remind you that your child should have a complete set of spare clothes in school in a bag that they can keep on their peg. This is in case of accidents or occasions where your child may get wet or messy! If we have to send your child home in clothes they have borrowed from school could you please make sure that you send those clothes back in to school as soon as possible. 

And finally! 

Your child does not need a PE kit at this time. We will notify you later in the year when you will need to send a PE kit to school. This will be in the Summer term and if you have children already in school we will be making sure that both children are in the same team.


Weekly Information
Every Day – School Book bag, home reading book, Reading Diary, EYFS library book
Wednesday - Swimming day - please make sure all jewellery is removed and long hair is tied back.
Just a reminder...

-Could you please make sure all of your child's belongings have their name in - water bottles, jumpers, coats, swimming costumes, towels etc - thanks.

- Please ensure that your child has their Spare Clothes Bag in school

- Please ensure that you send in a water bottle for your child so that they can have access to fresh water throughout the day


Useful Websites

Crick Web

Phonics Play 

Jolly Phonics

Mouse control games

Mouse control game

ICT Games