Summer Term in Reception 

Welcome back  - we hope you are ready for the final term in Reception! This term is a very busy time for us so take a look at some of the things we will be doing over the coming weeks. Keep up to date by using Tapestry and look out for our memos which will give you further information throughout the term.

Teacher Led Activities

This term we have a number of Teacher Led opportunities for your child to participate in. These will include

  • Ramadan and Eid Celebrations - children will complete a 'challenge passport' as they complete activities and learn about the celebrations.
  • Circle of Life (Jolly Jobs activities based around the 7 areas of learning) plus our visit to Hatton Adventureland
  • Once Upon a Time(Jolly Jobs activities based around the 7 areas of learning)
  • Smartie the Penguin  - more activities to keep us safe online
  • Our Decca task - keeping us safe in our homes by learning with Prickles the Hedgehog about the things which are safe to taste and those that are not.
  • Summer - including our Summer visit to Red House Park
  • The Platinum Jubilee
  • The Commonwealth Games

These are just a few  and we will also be giving your child opportunities to participate in activities based around their own interests


Books and Stories

This term we have lots of opportunities for reading books and stories to your children as part of our day. Here is just a sample of the stories we will be reading:

Books from the Little People, Big Dreams range

A selection of Information books about plants, animals and Eid and Ramadan

The Hungry Caterpillar

The Little Red Hen

The Great Pet Sale

A number of Traditional Tales - The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man to name a few!

Other Activities 

This term will also see the Parent Workshares that were rearranged from the Spring Term take place. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and hope that those who attended found the Quick Teach, Story telling  and the Kinetic Letters sessions useful. We know that the children loved sharing their books with you. 

Later in the term we will have our Reception Sports Day with Little Valers (weather permitting!). We will also be completing some transition activities to help prepare for moving to Year 1. 


Our Reception Day 

The following outlines the activities and experiences your child will have throughout the week this term.
-SODA (our soft start activity)
-Jolly Jobs (teacher led activities)
-Learning Lots (child initiated, play activities)

-KInetic Letters (handwriting)
-Quick Teach (maths activities, songs and stories)
-Read and Rhyme (guided reading session, nursery rhymes,  library etc)

Our Feel Good Friday activities include -  Special People, Yoga, Mindfulness, Games and Physical Development  tasks.

In the week we share the Picture News for that week, which looks at a current  news story and discusses what it is about and how it makes us feel.



A couple of other reminders

-Can you please ensure reading diaries are signed to say you have heard your child read at home.
-Check memos we upload on tapestry to ensure that you are kept aware of the activities and information needed about weekly events.
-Each week we have some time for children to share anything you have uploaded on tapestry from home so please keep uploading, the children love sharing it with us and the other children.

-Please complete the Tapestry projects that are set as homework, along with the Maths Games and Activities that are set each week. Please upload the homework to tapestry.


Useful Websites

Crick Web

Phonics Play 

Jolly Phonics

Mouse control games

Mouse control game

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