Tapestry Project

Tapestry Project

Tapestry Project Spring 1

You and your child have this half term to complete the project

• When the project is complete we ask that you post on Tapestry any photos, videos and comments of the project with the title ‘My important Event’

• All projects will then be shared with the class

• It is intended that you work with your child on the project.

• The project can be completed and posted on the Tapestry App or website at any time before February 7th.


Tapestry Project Spring 1 It is related to the Early Learning Goal - People and Communities : children talk about past and present events in their own lives and the lives of family members. We would like your child to tell us about an important event that has happened to them or someone in their family since they started school. This could be a celebration such as a birthday or a wedding that they have attended. It could be a religious event or celebration such as Christmas or Diwali, that they have been part of. It could be any other important event that might have involved them such as moving home or visiting a relative.

• Children can show what they know about this important event in lots of ways They can : Draw a picture, retell the event using photos to help them recall the events, make a video, make a model, act out the event, make a poster, show and talk about an object Things Parents can do to help: -Talk to your child about how they felt about the event and why they did certain things as part of that event. Talk about how some children may not experience the same events as they have and that they may not always experience the events that others do. Talk about how we can find out about what others do by sharing these events in a positive way. Share with your child, important events that happened to you. Ask relatives to share their important events with your child too.