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Summer 1Tapestry Project 

Reception Tapestry Project Summer 1 (25th April to 25th May)

You and your child will have next month to complete the project.

  • When the project is complete we ask that you post on Tapestry any photos, videos and comments of the project.
  • Give your Project the title:  Living Things Plants and Animals
  • All projects will then be shared with the class throughout the half term.
  • It is intended that you work with your child on the project.
  • The project can be completed and posted on the Tapestry App at any time before half term.

Tapestry Project Summer 1 Project

It is related to the Educational Programme for Understanding the World (UtW)

Understanding the world involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community. The frequency and range of children’s personal experiences increases their knowledge and sense of the world around them from visiting parks, libraries and museums to meeting important members of society such as police officers, nurses and firefighters.

We would like your child to find out about a favourite plant or animal in their local area. They could go out to the garden, the park or a farm and see what they can discover or they could find out about a pet. They can describe the plant or animal, find out how to keep it alive, look at where it lives or is found.

They can : Draw a picture, use  photos to help them, make a video, make a model, act out the event, make a poster, show and talk about their chosen plant or animal.

    Things Parents can do to help: - Talk to your child about their plant or animal. Ask them to think about how they could care for it, where they will find it and ask them to describe it. You could help them find a book or a leaflet from the library or a pet shop.

If you need any other help with either the Project please ask any member of the Reception Team.



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