Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome back! 

We hope you have had a lovely half term break, in the weeks coming up to christmas we will be learning about Space!  

We have lots of exciting things planned for this half term which we are sure you are going to enjoy!

Our Autumn Term Topic - Stargazers

Can you name all the planets? Can you name them in order? Can you explain why we have seasons and explain how the moon orbits the Earth?

Our Sun, the magnificent blazing star at the centre of the Solar system- Investigate why we have sunrises and sunsets. Where is the moon?! Does it disappear in the day (where does it go?) What did educated people in ancient history think about the orbit of the planets and how did they describe this through myths. In reading we will be studying Phillip Pullman's classic 'Northern Lights' and follow the adventures of the daring Lyra as she uncovers the mystery of mystical 'Dust'. In our science lessons we will be learning about the orbit of the planets-  Can you work out the meaning of this mneumonic? 'My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nachos'!


What do I need to remember?

Monday P.E.

Hand in Maths and English homework.

Bring in reading book to be checked and changed 

Thursday Maths games need be returned.

Swimming Kit - remember your towel and swimming hat. 

Spelling test.

Homework handed out. Spellings handed out.

Reading Tips 

We hope you will aim to read to parents at least 3 times and week and read as much as you can throughout the week (every day if possible). 

Here are some useful tips for parents when they're listening to you read:

Top Marks Reading Parent Tips 

Long Term Overview of topics for Year 5 - 2018 - 2019

This year the following topics will be incorporated:

Autumn 1 - Off with her Head

Autumn 2 - Stargazers

Spring 1 - Allotment

Spring 2 - Scream Machine

Summer - Pharaohs