Welcome to Year 5!

Our Autumn term topic information.

This term we have lots of exciting topics to share with the children!  They include...

Science – Earth and Space.

In the first half term, we will be learning about Earth and Space.

Some of the questions we will answer include:

What causes day and night?

What is the Solar System?

What is the relationship between the moon and Earth?

What causes the seasons?


In the second half term, we will be learning about forces.

Some of the forces we will investigate include:



Air resistance

Water resistance







In the first half term, we will be learning about Mountains. Our learning will include:

How mountains are formed and some of the major mountain ranges around the world.

We will look at the different mountain environments around the world and research their similarities and differences.

We will learn about the weather and climates of different mountains and plot data to show this information.             

We will look at the different uses of mountains and how they are used as tourist destinations.

We will look at the positive and negatives of tourism and learn how tourism improves the economy but also creates problems.       

We will also be carrying out virtual fieldwork to Everest Base Camp!




In the second half term we will be learning about the Anglo Saxons and The Vikings. Our learning will include:

To explore what Britain was like before the first Viking invasions.              

To find out about the Viking invasions of Britain.

To find out about the Viking settlement of Britain and how this affected the Anglo Saxons.                 

To find out why King Alfred was dubbed ‘Alfred the Great’.

To explore what life was like for Vikings living in Britain.  

To find out how and when England became a unified country.

To find out about the end of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking era in Britain.   



Art and D+T


Out art topic in the first half-term will be ‘A Sense of Place’ and we will focus on painting.

Our Design and Technology topic in the second half-term will be on fashion and textiles.



Our Weekly Timetable

The timetable below shows when children will need to bring in specific items during the week. 

Reading diaries should be brought to school every day.

Tuesday - Wear PE kits.

Thursday - Deadline for completing homework on Spag.com, Mathletics and TTRS.

Friday - Feel Good Friday clothes. Swimming kits should be bought in. Spelling tests.



Important Dates For Year 5 This Term


October 5th – Trip to National Space Museum.



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