Welcome to Year 5!

Our Summer term topic information.


Our Summer term is full of exciting topics that we can’t wait to share with the children!  They include:


In the first half term we will be learning about the changes we experience as humans growing old with age.

We will look at:

  • Human development
  • Gestation
  • Children
  • Puberty
  • Old age

In the second half term we will be undertaking Science Adventures.

Our learning will include;

  • Observations over time - observing bread turn into toast
  • Pattern seeking - recording and describing relationships between freezing temperatures using thermometers
  • Identifying, classifying and grouping - types of energy
  • Comparative and fair testing - creating circuits to power a motor for a vacuum
  • Research - children research a chosen topic


In the first half term we will be learning about the Water World: exploring an understanding the water cycle and how water is used in our world; comparing water availability in the UK versus Kenya; exploring how water can be used to harness power; and exploring a local body of water (River Tame). 

Children can research further using Oddizzi.com.



In the second half term we will be exploring 'Who were the Ancient Greeks?'.

We will look at:

  • finding out who the ancient Greeks were
  • understanding different government in Greece
  • comparing and contracting two city-states: Athens and Sparta
  • understanding ancient Greek daily life
  • understanding religion in ancient Greece
  • finding out about Greek scholars and philosophers
  • understanding how modern life has been shaped by the ancient Greeks



We will be studying the works of Frida Khalo.


Our Weekly Timetable

The timetable below shows when children will need to bring in specific items during the week. 

Reading diaries should be brought to school every day.

Tuesday - Wear PE kits.

Thursday - Deadline for completing homework on maths.co.uk.

Friday - Feel Good Friday clothes. Swimming kits should be bought in. Spelling tests.






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