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Our Autumn Topic Information  

This term we are looking forward to exploring, learning and asking questions about...

Exploring Brazil - Geography 

We begin our topic by learning about the location of Brazil using our map skills. Throughout the topic, we look at the physical features and take an learn about the Amazon rainforest. We learn about urbanisation and how this is affecting Brazil. In addition to this, we look at key landmarks and popular locations such as Rio de Janeiro. We explore tourism and culture also. 

What do you know about Brazil  already?

Have a think about what you already know and share your ideas and knowledge in class. 

World War II - History

In History, we will travel back in time to about World War II. We will learn about how the war started, the events that took place, experiences of people at the time and the war and conflict that took place. 

What do you know about World War II?

Do you know any significant people involved?

Have a think about what you already know and share your ideas and knowledge in class. 


What we're reading... 

Reading for pleasure: 

In year 6, we provide opportunities weekly to change reading books and library books. For reading for pleasure, you may choose a book from our book corner or from our school library.  


We have been reading a range of texts including: 


  • Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson 


Click here to find out more about the author and her other work. 

Wow Wall! 

Remember to check our "Wow Wall" see who has produced some fantastic work from the week before!

What piece were you proudest of this week?        

Share your proudest piece with your partner and a member of staff!        

 Ready to Retrieve?

Do you know any interesting facts already?

Research Japan...

  • What can you find out about the location of Brazil?
  • What do you know about its features?
  • What can you find out about the culture?

Remember: When researching online, make sure you are searching safely by putting "for children" or "for KS2". 

What questions might you like to ask and find out about during the topic? 

Image result for click mouseReady to research? Image result for click mouse    

Here are some useful links to our topic:  

Do you know your key words? 

What words can you learn to share with your teacher and class? Write these in your reading diary with a definition. 

Do you know your facts?

Clips and Useful Links 

Share with your class....

Important Facts and Faces     

See if you can research some significant people and interesting facts linking to topics we are learning about. 

Who can you find? Why were they significant?  

What facts can you find out about? What new vocabulary can you share?


  • History - World War 2 
  • Geography - Exploring Brazil 
  • Computing and Online Safety :  Online Safety, Coding and Spreadsheets 
  • Science - Healthy Bodies / Electricity
  • Art - Street Art 
  • DT -  Fairgrounds (mechanisms and electrics)
  • Music - Transposition / Songs of World War 2 
  • RE - What can we learn from religion about temptation? For Christians, what kind of king was Jesus?
  • PSHE - Family and Relationships / Identity
  • Spanish - At School / World War II
  • PE - Swimming, Basketball and Gymnastics 



This term, in science, we are going to be learning about healthy bodies and electricity. 

What is a healthy body?

How do we know it is healthy?

What do we have in our body that we need to look after?

What processes take place / systems do we have in our bodies?

How do you maintain a healthy body?

On reflection, how could we be healthier?

Think of some questions you'd like to find out about this term! 


                                                    Image result for purple mash

Login to your Purple Mash account by clicking here. 

Use your Purple Mash log in to find more about topics that we are learning about in school. Continue to practise your Computing skills, present your homework, write a story, or try any of the amazing applications you have access to in school. Share what you have done with Miss Cotterill and Miss Howell - we love to see the work and learning you do at home! 

Just remember your username and password. 


 Useful Spanish Links: 


Topic Class Clips  

Different topic clips here. 



Our Year 6 Timetable 

The timetable below shows when children will need to bring in specific items during the week. It is children's responsibility to ensure that they bring the correct equipment and kit on specific days. If any changes are made, parents will be notified via parent pay or via text message.  




Wednesday Weekly homework handed in (maths/English/Reading) 

6C and 6T PE (full kit needed)


(Feel Good Friday)

Spelling test

Weekly homework discussed and provided to children.

6T and 6C - Swimming (full kit needed) 

Remember, all reading books, reading records and spelling lists. It is vital that children have the correct resources/kit that they need in order to support their learning. 

Reading Diaries:

Remember to record every time you read at home by putting the date, page number  and what the book is that you are reading. Remember you should be reading your reading book as much as you can (every night) however you can also record when you read for pleasure in class or at home. Your parent/guardian needs to sign your book before it is changed. It is important that you bring your reading book and record in every day as we will hear you read in the morning. 

* How many words and definitions have you recorded in your diary this week? *

Keep checking back daily to find new things on our page! 

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