Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


We hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to embark our Spring term in Year 6. 

Our Spring Topic Information  

                                                                                                                                             Our First Topic Read: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  

This term we are looking forward to exploring and learning about World War 2!    

Suddenly, over head, you hear the deafening air raid sirens, Spitfires fill the skies and the world as you know completely changes! Prepare yourself to pack your brown, leather suitcase as you get ready to evacuate from the polluted city to the most rural areas of Great Britain. 

Discover the most secret thoughts and feelings of a young girl, Anne Frank, who is hidden from the world and the Nazi Germans in a secret Annexe.  

Who will win one of the most well known wars of all time? 

Image result for the book lion the witch and the wardrobe

Do you know any interesting facts already?

Get ready to jump in the time machine and travel way back to learn about the World War 2 (1939-1945). Get ready to learn about one of what is suggested to be the bloodiest, most destructive and longest wars in history! 

Why did it begin?

Prepare to learn about how Nazi Germany caused global conflict by attacking parts of Europe, which then spread to other areas such as China, Japan and the Soviet Union. It was at 04:45 on the 1st September 1939 that the war is suggested to have officially started, when Germany invaded Poland and refused to remove their troops. 

Who was their ruler? 

Find out more about the Nazi leader, Hitler, and his dictatorship over Germany and other parts of the world. 

What was life like and how did the war impact those involved?

Get ready to learn about numerous people involved in the war and how it greatly impacted the way they lived and their lives. We look closely at the life of the Jewish people, such as Anne Frank, soldiers, evacuees and many more and compare life in areas impacted by war to life in Britain at this time. 


Image result for click mouseReady to research? Image result for click mouse    

Here are some useful WW2 links:    

Know your war words? 

Find your key vocabulary here.

Locate it on the timeline... 

Find timeline of events here. 

WW2 Clips... 

Listen to and watch some of the clips from World War 2 here. 

Allies and Leaders

Find out about the allies who worked together in the fight against Nazi Germany, click here. 

Axis and Leaders

Find out about the axis who worked to support Nazi Germany, click here. 

Important Faces... 

Who are they? 

Image result for anne frank                           Image result for neville chamberlain                           Image result for hitler

                         Anne Frank                                                                                                   Neville Chamberlain                                                                                              Adolf Hitler 








                                                                            Image result for purple mash

Login to your Purple Mash account by clicking here. 

Use your Purple Mash log in to find more about topics that we are learning about in school. Continue to practise your Computing skills, present your homework, write a story, or try any of the amazing applications you have access to in school. Share what you have done with Miss Cotterill and Miss Howell - we love to see the work and learning you do at home! 

Just remember your username and password. 


 Useful Spanish Links: 


Topic Class Clips  

Different topic clips here. 



       Art and DT      

This term our DT links to our WW2 topic. We will be exploring the different shelters used in WW2, taking inspiration from other designs and using skills to create our own. 


Our Year 6 Timetable 

The timetable below shows when children will need to bring in specific items during the week. It is childrens' responsibility to ensure that they bring the correct equipment and kit on specific days. If any changes are made, parents will be notified via parent pay or via text message.  

Monday 6C - Swimming (full kit needed)
Wednesday Weekly homework handed in (maths and English) and PE 6C and 6H (full kit needed)

Spelling test

Weekly homework handed out

6H - Swimming (full kit needed)

Remember, all reading books, reading records, spelling lists and PE kits should be in school every day. 

Keep checking back daily to find new things on our page!