• Now you’ve learned about Brunel, find out about other famous engineers. Search the web and use non-fiction books to find out about their life and work. Draw a picture to show one of their most famous achievements and think about why their work was so important.
  • Play a tumbling tower game such as Jenga with your family. What are the best ways of keeping the tower upright? See if you can take some action shots or videos of the tower falling!
  • Go on a bridge hunt with your grown-ups around the local area, taking photographs to show your class. What types of bridge have you seen? Choose the most interesting bridge and see what you can discover about it online or at the local library?
  • Make a detailed diagram of a castle, labelling interesting features which might be found inside or out. Perhaps you could find out about ‘murder holes’, ‘garderobes’ or ‘loopholes’?
  • Make your own information book about castles, bridges or tunnels. Include downloaded images as well as your own drawings and diagrams. What fascinating facts can you find out to amaze your family, friends and teacher?
  • Design and create a model of a famous structure from around the world, using junk materials found at home. Will you choose London Bridge, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or perhaps the Statue of Liberty? Find a photograph of your chosen landmark to use as inspiration.
  • Find, on a world map or globe, all the famous landmarks you would like to visit. Which continents are they in? How would you get there? Talk to your grown-ups to explain your choices. Make a digital display showing images of your favourite places and giving information about each country or city.
  • Design a fantastic new landmark for your local area! What materials would you use and what special features would it have? Think about how to make it stand out from other landmarks in the world: you’d want lots of people to come and visit! Plot your landmark on a map of your local area. Present your ideas to your class and perhaps take a vote for the winning design!
  • Look at websites telling the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. Draw a storyboard with six or eight sections. Add captions and images which could be used to help you create a short stop motion film. Carry on and make the film if you have time!

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Sample papers for KS1 assessments

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Phonics/ SPAG practise
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