Mrs L Maccarthy

Chair of Governors

I joined the Governing Body of Grove Vale Primary School in September 2017 as a Co-opted Governor. I have spent the last 10 years as the Head Teacher and then Principal of an inner city Primary Academy in Birmingham. Prior to this I was Deputy Head and SENCo at another Birmingham Primary School and the Head of an SEN resource base for children with physical disabilities. I am now retired and feel that my experiences within Education will greatly support my role on the Governing Body of Grove Vale. My role on the Governing Body includes being a member of the Pupil and Curriculum Committee as well as the SEN Governor, Outcomes for Children (Data) Governor and Link Governor for Year 6. I also volunteer one morning a week to support reading in Year 2. Working closely with both Year 2 and Year 6 gives me an insight into the school’s performance against the National Curriculum which supports the Governing Body to monitor and evaluate the educational successes, school improvement, teaching and learning and curriculum delivery alongside the areas of pupil wellbeing, health and safety, safeguarding and the Core Values of the school. My areas of responsibility touch all areas of the Core Values but my one interest is that all children have equal opportunities to learn, feeling confident in everything that they are asked to do, so that they can feel good about themselves and model good learning and social behaviours – “Valuing Ourselves and Each Other”.

Mrs N Virk

I have been a parent governor since September 2017, my work background is in Data Quality Management within the NHS, I believe this knowledge and experience has been vital to my role, particularly when overseeing the schools outcome for Children’s data. I am passionate about children learning and reaching their full potential. I am also passionate with supporting the Head Teacher and all the teaching staff as a whole. I believe that the teaching staff, parents and governors work as a team, we can and we will achieve the results and help our children to aspire to their true and full potential and build healthy relationships even more so in these difficult budget cuts that we face. If I had to choose one core value I would choose “love of learning”, I am a firm believer in this value as this promotes children to engage, stay positive and enjoy the learning journey through different forms. Through my journey over the past year, I have found this position as a whole, exceptionally rewarding, visiting my link year reception and following the children’s journey to see how they grow and progress has inspired me.

Ms K Williams

I have been a Local Authority Governor at Grove Vale since 2007 and more recently became Co-opted Governor and taken on the role of Vice Chair of Governors. My work background is Finance and Contract Compliance and I believe this knowledge and experience has been crucial to my role particularly when overseeing the school’s finances. I am the Chair of Pupil and Curriculum Committee which enables me to support as well as challenge the Head Teacher and Senior Leaders when monitoring pupil’s progress and attainment as well as ensuring the school provides a balanced and broad curriculum. I am also a member of several other committees including Resources and Provision, helping to maintain the school’s ethos, monitor and evaluate the school’s educational performance, financial performance, pupil wellbeing, school improvement, policies, curriculum delivery, premises, health and safety, safeguarding, staffing, Head Teacher performance and appraisal. My areas of responsibilities are Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare, Teaching, Learning and Assessment. I am also the link governor for year 3. These areas of responsibilities are linked to the school’s Core Values, however if I had to choose one core value that was particularly important to me it would be “Love of Learning". I think every child should be eager, engaged and excited to learn through a variety of teaching methods in a happy and secure environment. I also think it is important our school provide each child with the best education and opportunity to learn whilst supporting their well-being. My role as a governor is quite rewarding despite the many challenges involved. It allows me to take a more active role across the school community, support the strategic direction and continued improvement of the school, be part of a team and community that work towards achieving the best outcomes for our children and our school, whilst ensuring our children achieve their full potential and receive the best learning experiences from their education.

Mrs T Dockery

I applied for the position of parent governor as I am passionate about seeing children and young people developing positive attitudes towards learning and being able to fulfil their potential. I have been employed as Teacher in Health and Social Care for the last 16 years. This experience has provided me with a firm understanding of the processes that support effective teaching and learning, with view towards maximising learning opportunities for all. I am keen for all the children at Grove Vale School to be able to make positive progress, develop individual talents and build healthy relationships. I firmly believe in the vision of the school ‘Together we grow’ - staff, parents and Governors working together to drive the school forward!

Mrs H Patel

I have a profound belief in the capacity for education and the environment in which it is delivered to have a massively influential role in the development of children and their overall wellbeing. With this in mind, I endeavoured to become a Grove Vale Governor, a role that I have had the privilege of holding since 2011. I want to play my part in ensuring that the educational standards administered and the school ethos cultivated, are the best possible so that all of Grove Vales students can benefit from the best schooling experience possible. With a degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Business & I.T. I fully comprehend the value of a good education and personally found that my enthusiasm – a Grove Vale core value – was at its foremost when immersed in a stimulating and engaging educational environment. I believe children absorb more information this way and are excited by education when taught in this fashion. My role as a Link Governor has allowed me to discuss training and the resource needs of teachers enabling them to deliver teaching in the most effective manner, ensuring that students are enthused and motivated. Working in the Banking sector, I am well versed with the need to ensure accountability and transparency and not being afraid to challenge when necessary. Arbitrating on decisions as well as supporting staff and policies all fall within the remit of a school governor and are important facets of this role. Over the years, as a Governor, I have particularly enjoyed being involved in learning walks – observing how the curriculum is taught to children and how the children participate and engage in classes. Witnessing how, for example, a Science lesson can encompass different educational components such as English, Maths, History and Geography in one go was enlightening. Helping to provide optimal conditions for students to progress, flourish and to develop well rounded personalities - I am honoured that I can be an integral part of the process. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, playing badminton and reading non-fiction books. I also enjoy volunteering in my local community, having set up and run a youth club as well as coached a local netball team. During my time as a Governor thus far, I am pleased to say we have managed to maintain an “Outstanding” Ofsted report, working with staff to ensure the students educational needs are adequately catered for as well as ensuring that Grove Vale provides for its students a nurturing and open environment. I am positive that Grove Vale will go from strength to strength building on its already solid foundations and look forward to assisting on its journey looking ahead.

Mrs S Gosal

I have been a governor since 2013. I started off as a Parent Governor and more recently became a co-opted governor. My background is Health and Safety and I am on the Premise’s Committee. I assist with ensuring that the Health and Safety aspect is up to date. Health and safety of the pupils and the school is of the utmost importance and this is one of my key strengths. I am the year 1 Link Governor and have some time with them. I am looking forward to seeing this relationship grow. My key areas of Responsibility are Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare and these very much link into the school values and personally primary school forms such a large part of a child’s life that these areas are developed and embedded by school and the resources and pathway to achieving this in the school is fully mapped out and can be seen day in day out when you see the children at work and play within the school environment and indeed outside I really enjoy my role as a governor and seeing the progress that the school and the children are making. All of the core values are important to the development of children, however the one that most aligns with me is Engage in Learning. It is very rewarding as a parent and a governor to see the enthusiasm on the children's faces as they explore a topic. All children are provided with an equal opportunity to learn and the quality of work that the children produce just blows me away!

Mr P Bailey

I was invited to join the Governing Body at Grove Vale Primary School in the Autumn term of 2018 as a Co-Opted Governor. I have a business background and for nearly 20 years, have held a senior executive role in a City based publishing company that collaborates with the world’s largest law firms, accountants, investment banks and consulting firms. The company specialises in producing thought leadership that relates to business, finance, dispute resolution and risk management. In my capacity as a Governor I make sure decisions are made in the very best interest of each and every child and hold the senior management team of the school accountable for these decisions. I’m involved in overseeing the financial performance of the school and as part of that responsibility I make sure that every penny is put to work in an effective way to improve our children’s education and opportunities. I am also a member of the Pupil & Curriculum Committee where I will strive to ensure the high academic standards we enjoy at Grove Vale continued to be achieved. Above all else, it’s my responsibility to make sure that the students of Grove Vale are provided with the very best support, resources and environment to achieve all they are capable of and that they enjoy their primary school journey!

Mr D Brittle

My name is Dean Brittle and I am honoured to be appointed as the Local Authority Governor for Grove Vale Primary School. I started my Governor journey in October 2018 and I am really looking forward to being able to make a difference to all related to Grove Vale. I have worked in secondary education now for just over ten years. I have had a variety of non teaching roles from Learning Support Assistant, working with students with SEN, to more recently working as a Pastoral Co-ordinator, co-ordinating the support of the pastoral team. I have worked at two secondary schools within Sandwell and have really enjoyed working for this local authority. I believe that all students and parents need to have a voice and a say regarding their education. I will be comitted to listening to all stakeholders of Grove Vale and ensuring that everyone feels supported. I have a few roles as a Governor, E Safety, Teaching and Learning and also NQT's. I am really looking forward to seeing all of the hard work from both staff and students and I will hopefully be an active member of the school. Grove Vale is Outstanding and I am dedicated to keeping in so. I live my life by one quote: 'Belive in yourself, but more importantly, Be You!' I want all staff, students and parents to focus on the end goal, getting the right education for the students but also making sure that the students are happy and feel supported. I look forward to my time as a Governor.