Statutory Data

Statutory Data 2017-2020
Updated: 25/09/2020 420 KB


School Data 2018-19
Updated: 30/09/2019 247 KB
School data from 2018-2019
School Data 2018
Updated: 17/09/2018 252 KB
School data from 2017-2018
School Data 2017
Updated: 18/06/2018 182 KB
School data from 2016-2017
EYFS/KS1 2016 Assessment data
Updated: 06/12/2017 228 KB
KS2 2016 SATS Results
Updated: 06/12/2017 222 KB

Follow the link below to visit the Department of Education’s website, where you can view our school performance table. This contains lots of information including characteristics, spend-per-pupil data and other statistics. The following information is taken from the website

Final 2018/19 Data 

This data is based on final results from children who completed the Key Stage 2 in the Summer of 2019 published in Department of Education's website in December 2019.