Pupil Premium/Sports Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is additional Government funding to raise achievement amongst disadvantaged children. It is to help schools to close the gap between children from low income families and other disadvantaged families and their peers.

Pupil Premium is for pupils from Reception to Year 11 who are from low income families and are eligible for Free School Meals. Any child that has been registered for Free School Meals over the past six years is eligible. Any children who are 'Looked After' or whose parents are in the armed forces are included and also attract another source of funding per child per term for the school to use to support.

Our aim is to give the best possible life chances to all our pupils by providing extra support to enable each child to make the required progress by the end of Key Stage 2.

Pupil Premium

What is Sport Premium?

Sport Premium is the additional funding provided by the DfE to improve the provision of physical education and sport.

The Sports Premium funding for 2016/17 is £9,817 (£8,000 + £5 per pupil in Years 1 - 6) based on the January 16 census.

Sports Premium

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Swimming at Grove Vale 

At Grove Vale, we are lucky enough to have our own swimming pool located on site, this means that all children at Grove Vale are able to to swim throughout the year. It is important to be aware that in maintained schools, pupils cannot be withdrawn from swimming at either KS1 or KS2. 

The pie chart below shows data for Year 6 children, highlighting lengths that they are able to swim at the end of Summer 2018. 

Swimming Data 

*83% of the current year 6 have the ability to swim 25m using 1 or more strokes effectively. 

*90% have the ability to swim more than 25m. 

Even though we are restricted based on our pool depth, safe self-rescue in different water based situations are covered at length. Class based pool activities to learn and develop these skills are taught specifically in years 5 and 6. All children have the opportunity to learn and develop these skills over several weeks. 

*80% of children can independently and confidently carry our and complete safe self-rescues.

*These figures are based on data taken from Year 5 as at the end of 2017-18 our pool was being repaired. 


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Albion Players (Gareth BArry and Craig Dawson) taking part in a year 2 PE lesson