Our Visions and Values 


Our Core Values 


Grove Vale Primary school is a school committed to ensuring pupils receive a high quality education. This reflects a caring, committed attitude, which helps all adults and children achieve the highest possible standards. At Grove Vale every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school. Values are principles that drive behaviour, influence our actions and attitudes, and become our scaffold for life. They influence our relationship with ourselves, others and our wider society. The values promoted at Grove Vale are values which are important within the school community and which will be important throughout life. In all that we do we strive to share, encourage and demonstrate positive values with our children; in order that they understand them and grow to live by them.


The children are at the heart of everything we do. Working together we encourage every child to achieve their full potential regardless of their ability or background. We want the children of Grove Vale to become confident, secure, responsible and caring individuals who achieve personal success, develop a commitment to lifelong learning and have the potential to shape and direct their own futures. In order to do this, we aim to provide a curriculum which is not just about subjects. We present our curriculum through high quality care, welfare, learning and teaching. Through our school vision, we encourage our pupils to learn, grow and achieve. At the core of a values education is a set of agreed principles and deeply held convictions that underpin all aspects of school life and work – for everyone. Values are not dependent on race, culture, class or religion. The process of Values Education is holistic and developmental. Children need to have planned opportunities to explore, develop, practise and internalise lasting spiritual and moral values, in order to be prepared for the responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


Our Curriculum Drivers 



A school is like a small community in itself, with everyone working, playing and living together. We consider a certain amount of social training is necessary for a child to play his/her part in a caring society and we feel that thoughtfulness, courtesy and good manners are very desirable qualities. Therefore; it is important that each member shows consideration to others and that visitors and members of the public outside school form a good impression. We expect outstanding behaviour at all times and expect our staff to lead by example. Our staff create a positive learning environment to support behaviour management and staff follow the behaviour policy.

All staff and children have signed an agreed School Charter. The Charter highlights our school expectation regarding movement around school and how we respect each other. The Charter and any further information regarding behaviour, can be viewed in our behaviour policy.



British Values 

British Values Statement

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