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Greater Depth Thinking

Using effective question to consolidate knowledge and then to ensure a deeper level of understanding. Moving towards enabling learning to develop their critical thinking skills.



Relationships for Collaboration

Supporting learners to learn in a variety of ways with others. Peer work and collaboration are highly effective strategies. “Children learn better from their peers than a teacher or a books” (John Hattie)



Outstanding opportunities to make progress

Ensuring that pupils make outstanding progress within lessons as well as over time. This includes knowledge of learners’ starting points to be able to effectively move them on as well as ensuring impactful & effective feedback.



Valuing Ourselves and Each Other

. Role modelling and demonstration of learning processes and learning behaviours. Also modelling expected behaviours and values of being a ‘good person’



Engaging Learning

Actively enthusing and exciting learners with a range of teaching and learning strategies which fully engage. Stimulating and purposeful learning environment. Effective and impactful resources 



Visually Stimulating

A highly stimulating environment and exceptional organisation of the curriculum provides rich, varied and imaginative experiences.



Attitudes to learning

Encouraging development of learning behaviours for all children. Creating a climate where learners can actively explore, make mistakes, adapt and be flexible etc



Love of Learning for everyone, everyday

An inclusive approach ensuring that every learner, whatever their individual needs, are catered for appropriate and effectively.



Empowering All Learners

Having high expectations about what learners can achieve. Ensuring that all learners are suitably challenged through appropriate levels of differentiation.



A school is like a small community in itself, with everyone working, playing and living together. We consider a certain amount of social training is necessary for a child to play his/her part in a caring society and we feel that thoughtfulness, courtesy and good manners are very desirable qualities. Therefore; it is important that each member shows consideration to others and that visitors and members of the public outside school form a good impression. We expect outstanding behaviour at all times and expect our staff to lead by example. Our staff create a positive learning environment to support behaviour management and staff follow the behaviour policy system of traffic lights.

We expect the children to follow our six golden rules:

  1. Treat each other with care, good manners and respect.
  2. Listen to others.
  3. Move around school in a sensible manner.
  4. Try our best in everything we do.
  5. Be honest.

All staff and children have signed an agreed School Charter.The Charter highlights our school expectation regarding movement around school and how we respect each other. The Charter and any further information regarding behaviour, can be viewed in our behaviour policy.

British Values 



British Values Statement

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