Day 2 

We have had another wonderful day here at Ingestre. We enjoyed our first breakfast of cereal, toast, jams and juices after a good night sleep. Everyone settled in well for their first night here. 

In the morning, we began to focus on our performances ready for Wednesday to share with the other groups. We learnt lots of new skills and worked collectively as a team to discuss and improve our team work. 

For lunch, we had sandwiches with crisps and either a sausage roll or veggie roll. We were introduced to the snack bar today that we can go to for a snack, water or juice throughout the day. After lunch, we played pool, table tennis and table football before we started our afternoon session. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon finishing off our performances and completing our work to share. Tomorrow, we will be give a short period to rehearse our sharing performance before we show the other groups and then swap. We have all learnt lots of new things about the art forms that we have been studying and have really enjoyed the new experiences we have had so far. 

For our evening meal, we had vegetable bolognese and pasta with a slice of garlic bread. For our snack, we had some lovely chocolate chip cookies and even celebrated a birthday while we were here! 

On the evening, we all had a shower, wrote in our journals and visited the tuck shop. We had our tuck while playing bingo in the big hall! Lots of us commented in our journal about how we had really enjoyed learning new things during the day and doing activities that we would maybe not have chosen to do before. Also, we have really enjoyed making friends with others! 

We can't wait to showcase our work tomorrow!