Day 1 

We have a had a fantastic first day of residential today at Ingestre Hall. We arrived at Ingestre at around 10:30 am and started by meeting out tutors for the week! When we arrived, we explored the house and found out lots about the history of the building and it's brilliant features! Then, we split into our different groups for our dormitory floors. We made our beds, unpacked our cases and then had dinner of soups and bread roll. 

In the afternoon, we went off in our tutor groups for our first activity of the week. Our topic for the week is all to do with the environment. All of the different groups are working on different art forms, which we will present on Wednesday in a showcase. 

After our afternoon workshop, we enjoyed a break, where we explored outside and played lots of games in the hall. Some of us played pool, table tennis and air hockey. Our break then led us into our afternoon meal, where we had fish or veggie fingers, chips, beans and salad. We enjoyed some tasty doughnuts to follow, giving us some extra energy for our night walk. 

We grabber our torches and enjoyed exploring the grounds. Following an orienteering map, we looked carefully for different points and managed to find lots of the pictures. It took us to one of the furthest points on the ground, where we talked about some of the "healing powers" of the ground that had been told by previous owners of Ingestre Hall. 

On return, we got ready for bed, enjoyed an evening snack and wrote about our exciting first day in our journals! 

We are very excited for day 2!