Day 3 


Another lovely day here at Edgmond!
We started the day by doing our chores in our table groups. Then, we got ready for our breakfast, which was beans on toast along with scrambled eggs. 
Today is our last day of working in our split groups on the different activities. We were very excited to experience some of the things the other people on the trip had already experienced! We have had another brilliant day with the weather and have been able to complete all of the fantastic activities we planned for this week so far. 
This evening, we had sausage and mash for dinner and made our way down to the campfire tonight with Geoff. We waited until it got dark to light the fire and sang songs and Geoff told us stories about how he thought the Wrekin may have been formed. Now, we are all tucked up in bed ready for our final full day here tomorrow! 
We won't be blogging tomorrow but we look forward to seeing you all on Friday!