Day 2 

Hello Everyone! 

We have had a lovely second day here at Edgmond Hall. We woke up this morning bright and early and got ready to do our morning jobs. We worked in our table teams and then made our way to breakfast. This morning, we had a selection of cereals, beans on toast, toast and jam and juice. 

After this, we split up into our four groups to complete the first activity of the day. We are rotating our timetable throughout the week. One group made apple juice from fresh fruit they picked on the Edgmond site orchard. Another group completed  an archaeological dig, where they learnt archaeological skills and learnt how to reference their finds. The third group took part in archery and a blind line course while the final group visited Lilleshall Abbey. 

For lunch we chose our own sandwiches, complete with fruit, crisps and a snack. We had lots of time to continue to explore the grounds throughout the day at various times.  

This evening, we are about to have our final meal of the day, which is a traditional roast dinner. After this, we are looking forward to a night of games outside in the lovely weather.

We hope you are enjoying reading our blog and photos will continue to be added to the Edgmond Residential Gallery. 


We will blog again tomorrow!