Edgmond Update 2019 - Day 3 and 4

Hello from Edgmond!


Day 3 

We've thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 days here and the sun has started to shine! Yesterday, we enjoyed a jam-packed day of fun activities, which tested our archery and communication skills. For most of our children, it was the first time that some of us had tried our hand at archery and for some of us it was even more exciting because it was the first time we'd held a bow! After archery, we tested our communication and team work skills by challenging ourselves with the "blind line". Here, we really pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones! We had to be really effective with the way we communicated in order for our team to hurdle, duck, climb and crawl through a course, which led us over, through and round obstacles... all while being blindfolded! 

Just before dinner, we went out to collect wood for our campfire. We all went out during the evening with our torches and enjoyed roasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs! A great way to end our third day! 


Day 4 

Our last full day has been wonderful! We've all enjoyed taking on another completely new set of exciting activities and challenges. We started our day by orienteering around the Edgmond Hall grounds. Here, we tested our map skills and worked as a team to complete the course. After that, we explored the creatures that lurked under the surface of the water when we went pond dipping! We found lots of interesting creatures including a family of newts and an odd-looking beetle that intact turned out to be a dragonfly. 

During the afternoon, we took to the woods to build shelters. The staff challenged us to create an effective shelter that was strong and waterproof. Some of us did get a little wet during what we liked to call "the rain test". 

Tonight, we are all very eager to visit the gift shop to stock up on some goodies to remind us of the brilliant time we have had away before we come home. None of us can believe that it is already time to come home tomorrow. However, we are looking forward to seeing our families and sharing our tales of Edmond Hall! 



Posted by Alex Cotterill on 26 September 2019

Category: Residential Visits