School Policies

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

If a parent would like to request a paper copy of any of our policies, please do so free of charge from our office. You can also use the contact us form to request one to be collected.

School Organisational Policies and Guidance 

Policies - School Organisational Policies

Educational Visits Policy
Updated: 23/08/2019 256 KB
Health and Safety Policy
Updated: 11/04/2019 1.13 MB
Curriculum Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 1.19 MB
EYFS Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 1.49 MB
Pupil Premium Policy
Updated: 24/09/2018 907 KB
Attendance Policy
Updated: 16/05/2019 1.53 MB
Updated in 2019
Uniform Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 1.37 MB
Assessment Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 1.11 MB
Transition Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 947 KB
Admissions Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 567 KB
Complaints Policy 2019
Updated: 11/04/2019 219 KB
Serial Complaints Policy 2019
Updated: 11/04/2019 1.43 MB
Charging and Remissions Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 184 KB
Debt Management Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 186 KB

Behavioural Policies and Guidance 

Policies - Behavioural

Anti Bullying
Updated: 06/02/2019 172 KB
Exclusion Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 1.44 MB
Behaviour Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 377 KB

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and Guidance 

As part of Sandwell, Grove Vale work as part of "Operation Encompass." 
The following has been provided by the organisation:
Operation Encompass is a unique Police and education early intervention safeguarding partnership which supports children and young people exposed to domestic abuse. Operation Encompass helps mitigate against the damaged caused by exposure to Domestic Abuse and other adverse childhood experience’s.

Policies - Safeguarding and Child Protection

Nutritional Standards Policy
Updated: 23/08/2019 226 KB
Operation Encompass
Updated: 06/02/2019 625 KB
Safeguarding Policy
Updated: 06/02/2019 886 KB
E-Safety Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 355 KB
Nurture Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 1.02 MB
Prevent Policy
Updated: 06/02/2019 186 KB
Prevent Advice
Updated: 18/09/2018 697 KB
Prevent Advice
Updated: 18/09/2018 234 KB
Physical Restraint Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 228 KB
First Aid Policy
Updated: 06/02/2019 41 KB
Late Collection Policy
Updated: 06/02/2019 181 KB

SEN Policies and Guidance 

Policies - SEN

SEND Policy 2019
Updated: 12/03/2019 362 KB

Curriculum Policies and Guidance 

Policies Curriculum

Relationships and Sex Policy
Updated: 11/04/2019 348 KB
Drugs Policy
Updated: 11/04/2019 364 KB
Computing Policy
Updated: 12/03/2019 244 KB

Race and Equality Policies and Guidance 


Policies - Race and Equality

Race and Equality Policy 2019
Updated: 11/04/2019 182 KB
Equal Opportunities Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 178 KB

Staffing Policies and Guidance 

Policies - Staffing

NQT Induction Policy
Updated: 23/08/2019 256 KB
Whistle Blowing policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 195 KB
Pay Policy
Updated: 06/02/2019 856 KB
Capability Policy Guidance
Updated: 06/02/2019 401 KB
Capability Policy
Updated: 06/02/2019 874 KB
Stress Policy
Updated: 18/09/2018 104 KB