Day Two 

We have had a brilliant first full day at Plas today. Our day started at about 7:00 when we got ready to carry out our chores for the day. We had a great breakfast of cereal, toast, hash browns and baked beans. We then got ready for our first day of adventures. Some of us went to explore the mines for the day, some went to the beach and gorge walking and others did a mountain walk. 

On the beach, children had fun paddling in the sea, exploring the beach and their surroundings. They found jellyfish, shells, crabs and lots of other interesting things to look at. Children spent lots of the day bouldering and scaling the rocks with the help of our leader, Kev. We enjoyed the sandwiches that the children had made while sitting on the beach, which was much more pleasant than expected due to mild weather! After that, we drove to a nearby lake, where there are many streams that lead into the mountains. Children enjoyed walking the gorge by climbing the rocks, everyone was very wet! After that, we returned to Plas to dry our clothes in the dry rooms and went for showers ready for our evening meal of pasta. Our evening activity was orienteering in the Plas grounds. We've also had our first experience of the Plas shop tonight, which we really enjoyed. 

We are all having a fantastic time and are really working on stepping out of our comfort zones to challenge ourselves!