Hi Everyone, 

Today, we have had a brilliant first full day here at Ingestre. We began with a breakfast of cereal and toast and were all full up and ready to take on the day. We carried on in our groups from the day before, either with art or drama. 


In drama, children have been putting together a piece based around our topic of WW2. They have gathered ideas from their previous learning in school and have designed small scenes based around Neville Chamberlain's declaration of war broadcast from the 3rd September 1939. 


For lunch we had packed lunch of either ham or cheese sandwiches with juice and some treats. We have spent lots more time today exploring the grounds and of course... playing football!


In the afternoon, we continued with art or drama and are preparing to share our work tomorrow with the other group before the groups swap round. 

For our evening meal, we enjoyed fish/veggie fingers, chips, peas and beans. We visited the tuck shop to get some snacks, wrote our diaries, had showers and then got ready for the big match. Some of us chose to watch a film in the 3D cinema with Mrs Hunt. However, many of us enjoyed the atmosphere of the England vs Czech match. There was a lot of shouting and celebrating throughout! 

Come on England!