Hi Everybody, 

Year 6 have arrived safely at Ingestre Hall today and have had a brilliant first day! 

We arrived at just after 10 this morning, making great time and arriving slightly earlier than expected! When we first arrived, children were introduced to the staff at Ingestre and discussed house keeping with everyone. 

Children then went to find their new rooms for the week and prepare where they are staying:  making their beds and unpacking their belongings. After this, we all went on a tour of the house and it's grounds, learning about the history of the home and the past owners. We have been lucky enough to have had no bad weather today as expected and have enjoyed exploring the grounds and playing football during free time. 

Also, we have started our first activities. One group started drama based activities and the other began their art work. We enjoyed our packed lunches outside, which were provided by the kitchen staff. For dinner tonight, we have enjoyed spaghetti bolognese! Many of us went up for seconds! 

Tonight, we have spent some time in the hall and played various games: table tennis, pool and air hockey. Our evening activity was a quiz tonight, which children completed while having showers and visiting the tuck shop, which was manned by Mrs Hunt. 

We will try and post some pictures of our day tomorrow! 

Year 6 :)