Plas Gwynant : Day 3

Hi Everyone, 

We have had another great day here! 

Miss Cotterill's group have been abseiling today. We learnt lots of new skills and became much more confident every time. We even tried some competitive races just before we finished to practise what we had learnt and try and increase our abseiling at speed. In the afternoon, one of the we took a mini bus to Llyn Padarn (a near by lake) to canoe. While there, we learnt lots of new skills, played some team games and some of us even took a little swim at the end if we were brave enough! 

Miss Barnett's group: We went to the beach and went crabbing in the rock pools. We developed our climbing skills and stepped out of our comfort zones to try and squeeze and climb through caves and tight spaces in the rocks using our team building skills. After a lunch on the beach, we made our way to a fast flowing gorge and once again used our team building skills learning how to gorge walk and supporting each other to be successful. 

Mr Smith's group: Today, we went canoeing first thing: playing games and learning to paddle at speed as a team. We returned to Plas for a lovely lunch (made by ourselves) and braved the abseiling wall in the afternoon! Some of us found the task very challenging but our fellow team mates really supported us and encouraged us to carry on when we found it challenging! 

Miss Kaur's group: We spent the day in the mountains, enjoying the fantastic views and climbing to some of the highest points in Snowdonia. Here, we enjoyed a moment of silence to take in our surroundings. Lunch was had at the summit of the mountain, before we bravely explored some of the tunnels and caves along the way. At the bottom of the mountain, we enjoyed a paddle in the lake before we returned to base. 

We are just getting ready to have our evening hot chocolate and biscuit before bed. We are having an early night so we are up early, ready for our last day before we return home on Friday! 


Posted by Alex Cotterill on 12 June 2019

Category: Residential Visits