This is a brief summary of our week at Edgmond Hall. Due to the weak signal we are unable to post photos until we return. All the children are well and enjoying their time away.

Day 1

We arrived on time and firstly unpacked our bags. We then made our beds and found our bearings around Edgmond Hall and the surrounding area. Our afternoon and evening consisted of orienteering, eating a lovely meal followed by a night walk where we lay on field and looked at stars. We then had a mug of hot chocolate before bedtime.

Day 2

We woke up bright and early and had a great breakfast. We then fed goats, rabbits and chickens.

We drove to Lilleshall Abbey and pretended to be monks in the abbey. The abbey has a spiral staircase that we climbed and from the top we saw a steep but beautiful view.

In the afternoon we took part in some problem solving activities followed by a blindfolded trail activity.

Finally ,we had dinner and an exciting treasure hunt all over the grounds of Edgmond Hall.

Day 3

We had a lovely breakfast before feeding the goats again. We have been doing archaeology today -digging up the soil to find hidden treasures. We then went on a map walk from Edgmond to Lilleshall village where we climbed a hill with a giant cenotaph on it. The view was amazing. When we returned we had pie and chips which was delicious and apple strudel with ice cream for dessert. In the evening we collected firewood and had a big bonfire - we sang songs all night and had a hot chocolate and brownie before bed.

Day 4

We woke up at 7am after a good night's sleep and got ready for the full day of activities. Firstly, we completed our chores then had breakfast. The food has been amazing here and it was lovely to see the children having such healthy appetites! Our activities (even in the rain) consisted of hill walking, unlocking the secrets of Edgmond Hall, fencing and archery.  As it was our last evening we could visit the gift shop too. We then drank hot chocolate and all went to bed. We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow - we have had an amazing time!

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