Edgmond Hall 2015

Hi all,

We have just completed our first full day at Edgmond and we are loving every minute. We have settled in well and started our program successfully.


We arrived at Edgmond Hall where we were greeted by all of the friendly staff. We were shown where to keep all of our things and then we were given a super tour of the grounds. After a great lunch, we settled into our groups and completed some team building activities. Before long it was time for dinner (which we ALL ate) and then we had free time where we played with our friends and explored the fun adventure playground.

After that, we went on a night walk. We took our torches with us and Richard showed us the wishing tree. We were all very brave as we listened to the new sounds that we could hear in the dark.

Then it was supper time. After that, we got ready for bed and settled down for the night.

All of us were so tired that we slept really well.


Today, we did three super cool activities. Some of us climbed the Wrekin which took nearly three hours! Some of us stayed on site and learned how to do an archaeological dig, fence, take great photos and become archers! Here are some of the pictures of our second day at Edgmond Hall:


Today we have all woken up refreshed and ready for another day of fun activities. All of us are learning so many new things including how to dress warmly, how to make our beds and how to work as a team.

The rest of our day has been great! We have all had a go at the activities that we didn't get a chance to try yesterday. Some of us learnt the art of fencing whilst some of us learnt how to become champion photographers and historians. However, the real challenge was the final climb of the Wrekin which was a challenge for some of our little legs but we made it! Take a look at today's pictures to see what we have been up to.

Wednesday Evening

This evening we were super excited about going down to the camp fire. We all ate a really filling dinner which was sausages, mash and gravy. Richard was very impressed with how much we ate. He showed us the total amount of left overs and there was hardly anything there! Before long it was time to head down to the camp fire. Here are some pictures of us after dinner, getting ready to head to the camp fire.


Well today was our last full day at Edgmond Hall so we decided to fill each and every minute with as much fun as possible. After a great night's sleep, we filled our tummies with fruit, cereal, beans and toast and went to feed the animals. After that, we split into two groups and went off to find out what had been planned for us. Today's activities turned out to be...wait for it... rocket flying and a trip to Lilleshall Abbey!

Here are some of the pictures taken during each activity.

Edgmond Hall 2015

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