Grove Vale are sending out an SOS! We need your help to Save our Swimming and today our Crowdfunder campaign launched. The campaign is raising funds for the refurbishment of the swimming pool and to make sure it is able to be used for many more years. The swimming pool has been closed for over a year now, some pupils haven’t even had the chance to use it yet. Most of you know the roof started to ‘fall in’ and the pool has had to be closed due to it not being safe or fit for purpose. However we are hoping school swimming will restart soon. Our school is very lucky to have a swimming pool as very few primary schools do. Children only have to access 3 terms of swimming whilst at primary school, that’s 18 weeks with 30 minutes each week, so 9 hours in total in their ‘whole school life’. Here at Grove Vale our pupils access swimming every week right from reception through to year 6. Much more than the standard 9 hours. We don’t just teach pupils how to swim, but also vital water safety skills. With a lot of open water locally, ponds canals and rivers this is so important. Please support the school by donating if you can. There are also ‘rewards’ available for donations. Please also share this information with friends and family and encourage them to donate. This will ensure the pool can rename open for pupils and the local community to access for many years to come.