Feel Good Friday

At Grove Vale we know the importance of developing the knowledge, skills and attributes children need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepared for life and work. We aim to prepare the children for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities they may come across and get them ready for a range of ‘first experiences’ that they are going to experience in their childhood and adolescence life. We want to develop our children as self-confident, independent thinkers who recognise values, understand people's beliefs and distinguish between right and wrong and to prepare children for life in modern Britain by developing an age related, appropriate awareness of British Values. 

Due to this being so important to us here at Grove Vale we are going to dedicate Fridays each week to developing these skills with the children.

-Commando Joe Programme (develops skills such as resilience, empathy, self-awareness, passion, excellence, communication and teamwork)


-Looking at a range of inspirational people from different cultures and backgrounds.
-Work towards our school drivers (be resilient, be creative, be curious, be ambitious, be kind and be proud)
-Life skills (such as finance, first aid, road safety, cooking etc)


Due to Fridays being active, children may come to school in their school polo shirt with their school jumper, navy joggers and trainers.


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