School Meals

About Our Supplier
At Grove Vale we use SIPS Catering.

In 2018 alone, they served 3 million freshly prepared meals in schools around the country. They offer bespoke menus, theme days and provide detailed information, support and advice about allergen compliance. As stated on their website, they aim to provide children with a range of tasty menu options every day, which provide freshly made, nutritious and balanced. They also conform to food standards, set by the government. 

SIPS menus change through out the year and are tailored to meet dietary needs. In addition to this, they aim to use local produce ensuring food can be as fresh as possible. 

Their Aims 

"We believe that good food is an essential way to support students through their school career and into adult life. We work closely with our suppliers to choose products that are child-friendly strike the balance between being healthy and appealing to our customer base." 

Statement taken from their website:

School Meals

School Menu
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2018 Menu and Dates
Free School Meals 
Many families in the Sandwell area are eligible for free school meals (FSM) however do not claim for them. Find out more about how to find out if you qualify here at the Sandwell page by clicking the link below: