Holiday Club Information 

Our Grove Vale Holiday Club has been established February 2020. Each Year we offer the Following clubs:

  • February Half Term 
  • Easter (2wks)
  • Whitsun Haler term
  • Summer Holidays (3wks)
  • October half term (Halloween week)


Grove Vale's Holiday club operates from 8:30am until 4pm. Our session fees are £25.00 per child per session.  All payments are made via Parent Pay and must be paid for in advance of children attending holiday club.

Lunch and snack time

Image result for clip art children playing"During the day, we provide children with healthy snacks and drinks. At lunchtime, children have the option to either bring a packed lunch with them or purchase one of our Holiday Club pack lunches for an additional £3 per child per day. 

Our packed lunches consist of:

•          A Sandwich – either Ham, Cheese or Jam

•          Packet of Crisps

•          Piece of fruit

  • Chocolate bar / biscuit 
  •  Drink


We are now offering a hot food option which consists of:


Pasta Bake

Hotdog and chips

Jacket potato (with choice of fillings)


All food have a vegetarian ad non vegetarian options




Staffing, Safeguarding and Health and Safety

Staffing follows a ratio of 1:8 for infant aged children (Reception, Year 1 and 2) and a ratio of 1:10 for junior aged children (Years 3, 4,5 and 6). The majority of our staff are first aid trained and staff, who are responsible for food preparation or food handling currently hold a basic food hygiene qualification.  


In accordance with safeguarding arrangements, all staff involved in the running of the Grove Vale's Holiday Club have current enhanced DSB clearance. All staff follow existing school policies and procedures for safeguarding, child protection and the code of conduct. Where ICT equipment is used, they also follow the school’s Online Safety policy and procedures.


The Holiday Club believes that the health and safety of children is of paramount importance and follows the school health and safety policies. The Holiday Club understands the importance of vigilance to fire safety hazards and all staff receives training annually. In case of a fire, the club follows the school fire policy to ensure consistency for the children.


Feedback from parents / children

At the end for each holiday club, we send out feedback forms out to parents to get their thoughts on how the club was ran, the children’s likes and dislike and ideas that parents / children may have for future clubs. 



Here are some of the comments that parents have made about the club.


“The club team are amazing. Thankyou so much to everyone. This would not be possible without your dedication and hard work. I'm looking forward to the summer holiday club now. It's difficult juggling work and childcare and getting annual leave is difficult. This club not only relieves pressure it makes you feel less guilty for working as you know your child is having fun and being well looked after by a super fantastic team”.

“I appreciate how hard the team works on organising and carrying out all of these activities. It really helps children and their parents”.

“My child loved his time at holiday club and there isn’t a day that he didn’t enjoy. It’s clear to see that a lot of thought and effort had gone into planning activities so the children were entertained throughout. Even I wanted to attend! A huge thank you to you Mr Dodd and all the other staff who were involved in executing an impressive holiday club!

“I Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Mr Dodd and his team for making holiday club so exciting for the children. My daughter really looks forward to the holiday clubs - more than school time :) She wakes up very early in the morning, gets dressed on her own and then at 7:30 wants to leave the house! There's so many activities the kids do and it's really nice to collect my daughter at the end of the day and listen to all the exciting things she has been up to. She has a few friends in her class that also attend. As a parent you will be happy knowing your child is happy.”




Holiday Club Dates 2023 - 2024




We are happy to announce that once again Grove Vale will be running holiday clubs during this academic year.


Please find below the dates that our holiday club will be running 


October half term

30th, 31st October & 1st November


Feb Half term

12th & 13th February


Easter Half term

25th 26th 27 & 28th March

2nd, 3rd,4th, 5th April




23rd 24th 25th & 26th July

5th 6th 7th & 8th  August

19th 20th 21st & 22nd August

Details about what is going on at holiday club will be announced each term. We will be announcing holiday club information for February in the new year.



All days will cost  £25.00 per child per day. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately, this holiday club is not HAF funded this time around, payment will be needed for each place.


Opening times


Holiday club will open from 8:30am and finish at 4pm

Our Holiday Club will be open for Grove Vale Pupils only from Reception  to Year 6


Holiday Club lunches


Holiday Club packed lunches will be back at holiday club over the October half term. If you would like the children to have a lunch provided by us the additional cost for this would be £3.00 per child per day. Please note this half terms holiday club food options will be sandwiches only,  please see separate letter for more information on our food options.


Holiday Club Breakfast Club

Holiday club runs Breakfast Club sessions each morning. The Breakfast Club opens  from 7:30am on each day. The cost of each session will be £5.00 per session and will follow all the policies and procedures of our current breakfast club in school. Whilst at our Holiday Club Breakfast Club the children will have the option to have Breakfast with us as well as taking part in many early morning activities.



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