This year our Grove Vale girls football team are made up of Yr 5 / 6 children, this is a brand new team for the 2023 / 2024 season. 

Meet the team: 


The team from left to right.:   Jess, Harper, Anika, Talar, Harleen, Adaora and Dalpreet 



This year the Grove Vale girls will be representing Grove Vale school in the Sandwell Primary School Football league organised by Sandwell Primary Schools Football Association.




Throughout this season the girls will play a mixture of league fixtures and cup games. Please see below some of the games that will be coming up.


Group 1


St Philip’s

Group 2


Yew Tree


Burnt Tree


Grove Vale




Eaton Valley N








Woodgreen N


Holy Trinity


Hanbury Primary



Tameside Primary N


Girls Fixtures / Results  


Group 2 Fixtures

W/B – 02/10/2023




W/B 19/02/24


W/B 26/02/24

W/B 4/03/24


1.Yew tree vs Eaton Valley *


2.Grove Vale vs Ferndale

Played: 0.1 L


3.Hanbury Primary vs Woodgreen Primary *

Tameside - Free



1.Yewtree vs Woodgreen Primary *


2.Ferndale vs Eaton Valley


3. Hanbury Primary vs Tameside Primary

Grove Vale – Free



1.Grove Vale vs Yew Tree

Played: 2.6 L


2.Ferndale vs Tameside


3.Hanbury vs Eaton Valley



1. Yew Tree vs Ferndale


2. Grove Vale vs Hanbury - Hanbury no longer in league


3.Eaton Valley vs Woodgreen VTBC



1.Hanbury vs Ferndale


2.Grove Vale vs Eaton Valley


3.Yew Tree vs Tameside




 W/B 18/03/24





1.Ferndale vs Woodgreen


2.Grove Vale vs Tameside


3.Yew Tree vs Hanbury



1.Grove Vale vs Woodgreen


2.Eaton Valley vs Tameside



Fixtures Confirmed
































Cup Competitions


The girls will be taking part in a WBA competition this half term.


This page will be updated once the girls have taken part.



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