Meet The Squad 

This year the boys football team is made up of year 5 /  6 children. 


League Information 

This  year Grove Vale have been entered into the Hargate West Brom Football League for the 2023 / 2024 season . Our team will be playing in league Group 2 this season.


League Table Coming soon


League Fixtures



Group 2 Fixtures

WC 25/09/23

W/B 02/10/23

W/B 19/02/24

W/B 26/02/24

W/B 4/03/24

1. Hargate vs Burnt Tree


2.Grove Vale vs Eaton Valley


3.Rounds Green vs Hanbury Primary


1.Burnt Tree vs Eaton Valley


2.Rounds Green vs Grove Vale


3.Hargate vs Tameside


1. Rounds Green vs Hargate


2.Burntree vs Tameside

3.Grove Vale vs Hanbury


1.Grove Vale Vs Hargate

2. Hanbury vs Burntree

3. Eaton Valley vs Tameside


1.Hargate vs Eaton Valley

2.Burntree vs Rounds Green

3. Grove Vale vs Tameside


W/B 11/03/24





1.Hanbury vs Hargate

2. Grove Vale vs Burntree

3.Rounds Green vs Eaton Valley




Fixtures Confirmed
























Competitions Coming up 


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