Physical Education, Game and Sport 



Encourage enjoyment and participation in physical activity alongside developing physical fitness and teamwork to establish healthy choices which become a lifelong habit.

The intent of our PE curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the development of every child’s ability and achievement. They should participate in, learn about and understand how to use and apply their knowledge to impact upon their own physical activity, participation and healthy lifestyle.


A high quality PE curriculum will develop physical literacy and will allow children to learn about themselves, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self-expression and concepts such as fair play and respect. It also contributes to the development of a range of important cognitive skills such as decision making and analysis, and social skills such as teamwork and communication. Physical education encourages pupils to be active and supports them in their understanding of how to participate safely and effectively. They understand the barriers to participation and work to overcome these for themselves and others.

Our PE curriculum is inclusive and ensures that children of all abilities can access the range of activities we offer and that they are physically active for sustained periods of time in order to encourage them to lead healthy, active lives. Through science lessons, children are taught the effects that exercise has on the body. A dedicated PE teacher works with different classes throughout the year, teaching a range of specific sporting and team building skills. 

Every child receives two hours of PE a week, this includes weekly swimming lessons from Reception to Year 6. During the weekly P.E. sessions all children participate in a range of physical activities developing  and practising skills and the application of the those skills in a range of areas including: gymnastics, dance, games, athletics, outdoor activities and swimming.

We have a range of extracurricular P.E. clubs and opportunities for both intra-school and inter-school competitions. These opportunities allow for the further development of the skills and values that we strive to embed in the children through our curriculum design and delivery. Every year, all children participate in sports day. The emphasis is on enjoyment, participation and team building, with elements of competitiveness. We have strong links with a wide variety of outside clubs and we take part in a range of sporting competitions with other local schools.


The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities


We add value to the national curriculum aims by using Supermovers in KS1 and the daily mile in KS2 on a daily basis alongside a whole school drive to encourage children to walk to school.

PE Documents

Swimming at Grove Vale 

At Grove Vale, we are lucky enough to have our own swimming pool located on site, this means that all children at Grove Vale are able to to swim throughout the year. It is important to be aware that in maintained schools, pupils cannot be withdrawn from swimming at either KS1 or KS2. 

Even though we are restricted based on our pool depth, safe self-rescue in different water based situations are covered at length. Class based pool activities to learn and develop these skills are taught specifically in years 5 and 6. All children have the opportunity to learn and develop these skills over several weeks. 



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