Welcome to Reception's home learning page!

We will be uploading weekly tasks for phonics, reading, writing and maths onto this page.

Please upload activities or work that you complete with your child onto tapestry or use the book provided.
Firstly, we hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed making it!

We hope you have had a lovely break over half term. This is going to be another strange half term is with you working from home but if you try your best, we will always be proud of you! Our topic this half term is if you go down to the woods so the work we set this half term will be linked to this.

Letters and sounds (the phonics scheme we follow in school) are doing daily phonics lessons live on YouTube everyday at 10am.

Letters and Sounds YouTube lessons

Lesson Overview
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This is your work for the last two weeks. No work will be uploaded next week.

Home Learning Week - FINAL TWO WEEKS

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Blank Invite
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Maths - Sharing Food
Updated: 06/07/2020 4.72 MB
Picnic Blanket
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Updated: 06/07/2020 655 KB
Updated: 06/07/2020 1.28 MB
Sandwich Order Sheet
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Sandwich PPT
Updated: 06/07/2020 3.85 MB
Cutting Skills - Bear
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Word Search
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Word Search 2
Updated: 06/07/2020 1.35 MB
Writing a recipe
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Picture News 6.7

British Values
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Additional Resource
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Home Recording Sheet
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Provision Cards
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Provision Cards 1
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Provision Cards 2
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Weekly Vocab
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This weeks good work

Well done to Balpreet and Zara for their good work this week.



Useful Documents

Parents, here are some useful documents to help your children at home.

Helpful Documents

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Updated: 29/03/2020 55 KB
Updated: 29/03/2020 64 KB

Also, this link is an online home learning pack. You need to click on EYFS, change the subscription level to taster, change the national curriculum level to 40-60 months (however, if you child finds the tasks difficult 30-50 months is fine too), change the subject and topic to whichever you want to do and change the year group to EYFS. 


Cosmic kids yoga (or just type in cosmic kids yoga on youtube)


Maths songs

https://youtu.be/guNdJ5MtX1A - Youtube - 3D shapes singing Walrus

https://youtu.be/0TgLtF3PMOc - Youtube - Count to 100 and get fit

https://youtu.be/mXMofxtDPUQ - Youtube - Singing Walrus – Days of the week

https://youtu.be/1W5aYi3lkho - Youtube - Numbers in the teens they start with a 1

Phonics songs

https://youtu.be/R087lYrRpgY - Youtube - phase 3 tricky words

https://youtu.be/OJWJx0ILwV8 - Youtube - CVC words phonics blending song


Phonics Play

A login for you to use phonics play for free.

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